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WordPress Hosting in Kenya

The world’s most popular tool for creating websites is the WordPress. With WordPress you do not need any coding to build a website, WordPress is capable of creating any form of website from a simple blog to a full featured business website.

You can host your website anywhere using WordPress and you can move your site to any site anytime you want to.

Ways to use WordPress

Once you have your Website set, you need the best hosting service. TrueHost offer the best WordPress Hosting in Kenya that ensure that your website is up and running at optimized speeds. is a hosted version. This denies you full access to all the themes that are available online and access to WordPress plugins. You are also expected to pay a certain fee for the Domain name. is the self-hosted version which allows you full control of the account over the design and functionality of your website.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

 -You do not have to install WordPress like other applications, it runs online on the cloud and you can be able to update your website from any place you have an internet connection.

-You can host your website anywhere using WordPress and you can move your site to any other site anytime you want to.

-It protects the hosted website from crashing and being out of service temporarily by ensuring that the hardware, firmware, and software run efficiently and is readily compatible.

-It allows you to update your website automatically. Every update that is released comes with a bunch of improvements to ensure that you are covered from external security threats.  

-The WordPress Hosting is cloud based. The advantages of Cloud Hosting are reciprocated to WordPress Hosting. It reliable and there is no single sign of failure.

-WordPress is free and friendly. You do not incur any cost to install or purchase it. It is available online whenever you need it.

-You can edit WordPress sites from anywhere, write a blog or post using your phone from anywhere.

-WordPress is a blogging platform, blogging technologies can be easily integrated whenever necessarily for use.

-WordPress sites are scalable in that you can have many pages or blogs posts in your site without affecting the site’s performance.

-WordPress is SEO friendly because it’s simple to read and index the content using Google.

-With WordPress managed Hosting you will have everything from the physical server.

Advantages of TrueHost WordPress Hosting

TrueHost guarantees more speed, 99.95% uptime and security, to ensure that the updates are up to date and the plugins are running the way they should without interfering with the site performance. The WordPress hosting at TrueHost helps you be in control of your site or blog, customize it as you may desire, add plugins of your choices and add WordPress pages, and add posts anytime of the day.

WordPress hosting at TrueHost Kenya has been made easier. You find a WordPress already in your hosting package, all you need to do is to install it in your root directory.

WordPress hosting at TrueHost Kenya is free, there is no additional cost after purchasing of a hosting package. You just need to order for a hosting package and you will receive a free WordPress Hosting.

Visit us at for more information.

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