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Do You Know How To Get Server Hosting In Kenya? Learn From These Simple Tips

Last updated on November 10th, 2020 at 11:27 am

When it comes to Server hosting in Kenya, there is nothing that beats it. If you want a fast, secure, and better website, you’ll have to consider this product.

Server hosting in Kenya

Who needs a server?

Why hosting a server in Kenya is important

Where can I host my server in Kenya?

These are some of the questions the article will answer.

A lot of organizations in Kenya operate a server in one form or the other. Some companies have cloud hosting with Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, or any other public cloud providers.

These cloud hostings are used to run company software applications, website.

Other kinds of organizations have a premise-based server where the organization’s software application run from. These organizations also archive data in the premises-based server which acts as data storage and backup resource.

Do you remind an internet outage that was caused by a fiber cut in the Sea….?

What happens to organizations that were running from servers in the US and Europe where AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, Digital Ocean have data centers.

They were offline until fiber cut was sorted – that is not a reliable service.

An organization using Cloudpap that has servers in a data center in Kenya can never be affected by such issues.

Have you heard of shocking invoices that some organizations have had to pay to AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure – imagine paying 500% the invoice you normally pay? Why.some script in your application misbehaved and kept making a server request.

Where to get Server hosting in Kenya

At Cloudpap cloud, we can allow you to limit the number of requests that your application makes. We further contact you whenever something abnormal is happening for your immediate attention.

Access Speed.

Servers in Kenya are accessed via a 1Gbps link across any internet service provider in Kenya.

The 1 Gbps speed ensures the server access speed is under 1 second. Fastest Servers in Europe and the US can be accessed only from 2 seconds and above.

Data Security

Your data is safer in Kenya’s data center.

Some of these countries that AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM – USA have intense data surveillance from their governments thus the risk of exposing your data.

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