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Popular Bloggers in Kenya With Most Visited Blogs in 2023

Last updated on July 11th, 2023 at 12:46 pm

Are you aware of the vibrant blogosphere in Kenya? Over the years, blogging has become more and more popular in Kenya. The blogosphere has increased by almost 90% and is expected to grow more due to the unemployment rate in the country.

For many people, blogging has developed into a rewarding career. The time when blogging was only seen as a pastime has long since passed. People with the proper enthusiasm, creativity, and financial savvy can generate millions of dollars from their blogs.

In Kenya, the average income of bloggers is Ksh. 40,000 per month. However, a couple of bloggers make up to Ksh. 1 million per month. While blogging is profitable, it is also labor intensive. The amount of work you are willing to put in determines how much money you will make.

Additionally, the popularity of previously anonymous names has been greatly aided by blogging.

Some people continue to question the economic viability of blogging in Kenya. You should be aware of the top bloggers in Kenya if you want to become a professional blogger and acquire a lot of motivation to be consistent in the blogging industry. 

We’ll talk about several famous Kenyan bloggers who excel in hot fields like politics, Christianity, education, lifestyle, and more. These blogs each offer a distinctive viewpoint from the blogger who writes them. Additionally, it can inspire you to start your blog or help you discover a new favorite blog.

Political bloggers in Kenya

Political bloggers, as the name implies, concentrate on politics. This industry is incredibly risky, yet it may also be fun. If you report false or defamatory stories about politicians, you can find yourself at odds with the law.

The majority of political bloggers in Kenya are powerful individuals who assist millions of people in making political decisions.

If you want to start writing about political content, you can always be on the lookout for fresh information from newspapers, social media platforms, television, radio, or other political blogs. However, this niche is not for faint-hearted people. To flourish here, you must grow a thick skin.

Some of the well-known political bloggers in Kenya include;

1). Robert Alai Onyango

Robert Alai Onyango is a well-known Kenyan political blogger, entrepreneur, and online activist. Many people know him for being quite controversial. Right now he manages the Kawahatungu blog, where he posts political content. 

His work has repeatedly gotten him into difficulty. The influential individuals in the country have sued and detained, particularly after he was detained for posting images of the KDF officers who had been killed in the North Eastern region. 

He appears to have mastered one strategy in his career as a political blogger. He has a strong viewpoint and is not afraid to express it. He continues a heritage of criticizing dishonest authorities and advocating for the voiceless.

2). Cyprian Nyakundi

Cyprian is a contentious blogger from Kenya who enjoys writing about politics, government, business fraud, and human interest issues. While he was still a student at Meru University College, he started his blogging career. He was later kicked out of the institution.

He appears to be aware of the political situations before they are covered by the news media. He is unafraid and will expose the corruption in the corporate and governmental worlds without looking behind him.

As a result, Cyprian has been sued and detained more frequently than any other Kenyan blogger. Moreover, he has also had loggerheads with some of the nation’s most influential individuals and feminists. 

Nyakundi uses his classical background to fight poor leadership and oppression. Currently, he is the CEO of Onward Africa and a blogging site.

Christian bloggers in Kenya

The religious sector is booming and has expanded beyond the pulpit. Christian bloggers are the individuals who share their beliefs and Christian views with the world. These blogs can help readers through their Christian journey.

If you want to continue growing spiritually, share insights from the Bible and real-world experiences with others, or encourage others to grow in their faith, you can look at some Christian bloggers who write mostly about religious content.

3). Lornah Achieng.

Lornah is a faith, fashion, and lifestyle blogger in Kenya. She runs Cherries Vineyard’s blog which is mostly about religious content. Her website’s name was inspired by the book of john 15:1-8.

She started the platform to share her life experiences and her discoveries from the Bible. She aims to inspire people to learn more about God.

Lifestyle bloggers in Kenya

A lifestyle blog lists the blogger’s interests and pastimes. Typically, the blogger’s own experiences are mixed with helpful and educational content for their reader’s benefit in these blogs.

Blogs about lifestyle will frequently cover the following topics: fashion, food, home decor, hobbies, motherhood, family, travel, self-care, and physical fitness.

Check out these well-known lifestyle bloggers in Kenya if you are looking for inspiration for your best life or considering establishing your lifestyle blog.

4). Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau is an award-winning lifestyle and fashion blogger. She is also a marketer founder and the CEO of African Elite, a public relations and marketing solutions company in East Africa, that offers unique and custom creative concepts and events with the utmost expertise.

The blogger is skilled at striking a balance between comfort and flair. She won the coveted BAKE award for Kenya’s finest fashion blog in 2018.

Lucia feels that there are no rules in fashion and that dressing is a verbal free method of communication. She strikes me as a confident young woman with impressive accomplishments, such as her associate position in the chartered institute of public relations.

Her sister’s Facebook post of a photo she shot inspired her to start a fashion blog in Kenya. She grasped the chance to launch a blog when inquiries about who she was began to pour in. 

Although she only publishes one article every two months and the site has close to 6,000 monthly visitors, she can accomplish more and do it better because of her fame in the fashion world.

5). Nancie Mwai

Nancie Mwai is a Kenyan fashion blogger who is prominent for her blog. She has gained attention on a global scale for her diversity in fashion and two BAKE awards and has been voted a favorite blogger by the international fashion media company, Conde Nester.

Her love for fashion began as a young girl with her dream to become a professional fashion designer. She began blogging as a hobby and eventually left her job to pursue it professionally. Her choice put her on the road to greatness, and it appears to be serving her well. Her blog is a fantastic website that covers everything that concerns women generally, including fashion, lifestyle, and fitness.

Currently, she is the founder of the New Level Company and owns The Fashion Notebook a blogging site.

6). Sharon Mundia

Since entering the blogosphere in 2012, Sharon has amassed a following that can fill an entire stadium. She has received honors such as the BAKE award for fashion blogger of the year (2014). She has also accomplished a lot in the media industry.

Thisisess, a blog by Sharon Mundia, began as a lifestyle and fashion blog before becoming a full-fledged journal geared for women. Topics covered in this publication include cuisine, skincare, beauty, travel, relationships, mental health, entertainment, career, and finance.

Education bloggers in Kenya

Numerous readers are drawn to the popular niche of education. Teachers, students, and education officials can communicate more effectively by using education blogs. It is also a fantastic tool.

If you want to get started in this niche, create a blog where you post about courses, the most recent news in education, the cost of tuition, and educational advice.

7). Raphael Mutua

He is the founder of the educational advice website, Kenyaplex. It is a hub for educational resources.

Kenyaplex is among the oldest websites in Kenya. The blog mostly focuses on tutorials and tools that assist students and academics in their studies, such as online examinations, question and answer sheets for previous exams, and other schooling materials. You can find materials and resources for sale.

Entertainment bloggers in Kenya

Entertainment bloggers write about intriguing topics related to celebrities, songs, and movies. In Kenya, the entertainment industry is quite large and very lucrative. It has emerged as one of the most popular niches for Kenyan bloggers.

If you want to find famous entertainment bloggers who write about recent and intriguing stories look at Timothy Obare Rioba.

8). Timothy Obare Rioba

He is a well-known blogger from Kenya with years of experience working as a freelance journalist. His website,, focuses primarily on entertainment news and rumors.

Additionally, the website fosters raging rumors and propaganda in addition to exposing high-profile scandals.


Nowadays, blogging is a crucial component of building brand recognition. Write about what you are doing if you want people to notice what you are doing.

Some of Kenya’s well-known bloggers include those listed above. They have been grouped based on their specific niches. 

Aspiring bloggers are sure to be motivated and inspired by these bloggers. You can lay the groundwork for your growth by comprehending these bloggers’ stories.

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