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How To Get Domain and Web Hosting in Kenya Cheaply

Last updated on November 4th, 2020 at 09:32 am

Looking for a Domain and web hosting in Kenya?

You are in the right place.

A domain is a unique name for your website that helps your visitors find you on the internet; it is the address that they type on the URL of their browser and are immediately directed to your website.

Web hosting is the service provided by the hosting company of creating a space in their servers to store your website there so that it can be accessible on the internet. The servers are connected to the internet so that a user is provided for data to their browser on request.

Domain and web hosting always go together because you cannot be found on the internet without an address. The domain always comes first because you can also register a domain name and do web hosting later just for the purposes of securing a domain for your brand before someone else registers for that particular name on your mind.

Web hosting is a tool for every business that to help on the online marketing; being on the internet helps increase the business sales as you are able to reach many customers as they view your products online and complete the transaction online.

The domain and web hosting services should be premium to allow for a responsive website one which loads faster for users on request.

Consider these when looking for Domain and web hosting in Kenya provider

Many hosting companies provide both services. Before making any company your provider for domain and web hosting services you should consider the following:

  • The cost of registering a domain and the price of the hosting package. Make sure that you get your services at an affordable and cost-effective price.
  • The technologies supported for the hosting services. The SSD advanced technology is increasingly being adopted by many hosting companies due to its ability to allow easy access to data fetched from the website.
  • The resources that come with each package. You should be keen to choose your package well depending on the size of your website, get the perfect plan that suits the size of your website that provides enough storage space.
  • Research very carefully about the services of the company, the clients they have provided for, and the experience they have in providing these hosting services. Do not allow yourself to be stuck with poor services just because you never did your research carefully.
  • Consider the renewal periods it should at least be of a minimum of a year for the domain and web hosting, make sure there are no extra charges attached to the packages.
  • Consider the kind of support that the company gives to the customers.

The best hosting provider in Kenya

Truehost is the best web hosting company having many years of experience in domain registration and web hosting gives the best prices for these services.

Web hosting has been made reliable, with high performance and security. It is the most powerful with SSD advanced technology installed on the web servers.

Truehost offers domains at very cheap prices with management tools.

Get your shared hosting package by clicking here find out the perfect plan for your business and the price of each and order for your package today.

Truehost provides dedicated and VPS hosting in Kenya at very affordable prices. Get to us at and get to learn more about us and our services and to order your services here. It is a platform that powers you in every field of your business by providing free template builders, domain registration, web hosting, free SSL certificate, and backup solutions.

24/7 customer support and server monitoring are given at Truehost. We serve you like no other reach us and become a testimony to our services we never fail; our goal is satisfying the needs of our customers.

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