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Here is Why You Need Cloud Server Storage in Kenya (Best Provider Revealed)

Last updated on November 10th, 2020 at 11:02 am

Cloud Server Storage in Kenya

Looking for Cloud Server Storage in Kenya?

Cloud storage is saving data to an offsite storage system maintained by a cloud provider. The manner in which you store data defines how much you value it. Deleting old files to create more space for new information is felt like a loss. Data is needed in its current state and for future reference. It saves users the cost of investing in hard drives and other external sources like compact disks to save data.

Benefits of cloud server storage

Cloud storage is convenient and offers more flexibility in that you do not have to carry the load of external devices or use your computer to save and retrieve information, instead you save it to a remote database.

The internet provides a connection between your computer and the database. If you store your data on a cloud you will be able to get that data from any location that has internet access. With the right storage system, cloud storage allows people to share, store, and host data on the internet atmosphere.

People and organizations buy or lease storage capacity from providers to store user organization or application data.

Cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping data available and accessible in a running and physical environment.

TrueHost cloud ensures the secure and reliable launch of cloud servers, cloud storage, and server hosting. It provides packages like CLOUDPAP.

Cloud storage CLOUDPAP packages are:

  • CLOUDPAP 1 with the following properties: 1 core processor, 2.4 GHz speed, 2GB RAM, Local Raid 10, OpenStack KVM, 10GB SSD Disk.
  • CLOUDPAP 2 with 1 core processor, 2.4 GHz speed, 4GB RAM, Local Raid 10, OpenStack KVM, 20GB SSD Disk.
  • CLOUDPAP 3 with 2 core processor, 2.4 GHz speed, 2GB RAM, Local Raid 10, OpenStack KVM, 40GB SSD Disk.
  • CLOUDPAP 4 with 2 core processor, 2.4 GHz speed, 8GB RAM, Local Raid 10, OpenStack KVM, 90GB SSD Disk.
  • CLOUDPAP 5 with 2 core processor, 3.1 GHz speed, 8GB RAM, Local Raid 10, OpenStack KVM, 100GB SSD Disk, and unlimited 100mps bandwidth.
  • CLOUDPAP 6 with 2 Core processor, 3.1 GHz speed, 8GB RAM, Local Raid 10, OpenStack KVM, 100GB SSD Disk, Unlimited 100mps bandwidth.

Who owns the data stored on the cloud? Does it belong to the client who originally saved the data to the hardware? Does it belong to the company that owns physical equipment? Can a cloud host delete the former client’s data?

The actual ownership of data in the cloud is dependent on the nature of the data and where it was created. There is data created by the owner before uploading to the cloud and there is data created on a cloud platform.

Types of Cloud Server Storage in Kenya

We have different types of cloud storage based on your preference:

1.    Private storage Cloud

This is designed for an individual or company that is specific to your needs. The type of cloud storage comes in on-premise or externally hosted format. You have administrative control and can design the system the way you want it to accomplish your business needs.

2.    Public Storage Cloud

This type of storage can be accessed online by anyone you authorize and requires less administrative control. You do not have to maintain the system as much as you would with a private cloud.

3.    Hybrid Cloud

This cloud offers a combination of private and public clouds. The most important data is kept in the private cloud while the less important data is kept in the public cloud and accessed by people.

TrueHost provides a secure and reliable cloud storage service at a cheap price under a conducive secure environment to store your data.

Visit for more information.

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