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Best Cloud Hosting in Kenya Provider (Affordable)

Last updated on October 27th, 2020 at 09:16 am

Cloud Hosting in Kenya

Today, learn more about Cloud Hosting in Kenya. But before that:

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is the safest storage of data or information over the server space for the purpose of making information available to others. It can be done through shared hosting, dedicated server hosting and virtual server hosting.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting allows you to access data from any place using any device of your choice at any time which saves on time and energy creating a conducive atmosphere to interact and access the internet at your own free will.

Top Cloud Hosting providers like TrueHost Cloud are highly reliable and commit 99.95% availability. The cloud servers run as interconnected networks so long as you have an internet connection. Services are automatically transferred to the active servers in the net wherever a server fails.

Cloud Hosting is cost-effective. This is featured out by the fact that you do not have to buy hardware components and purchase licenses to do their maintenance. Your host is responsible for server management and maintenance. TrueHost provide 24/7 maintenance to your server.

Cloud Hosting provides a scalable and flexible platform allowing you to control the server infrastructure. You are legible to add new resources when need be or reduce the capacity of any information that is not necessary.

Cloud Hosting allows automatic updates, this enables you to embrace upgrade to servers and the latest version of software systems, customize and integrate customer service integration and preference for your business.

Cloud Hosting increase most network server period and allow no single purpose of failure of a server from the interconnected server system. If one server fails in completing your work, another server from the multiple server takes its positions.

 Cloud Hosting security is dedicated to many servers. Cloud allows easy integration of software resources and thus easy integration of extra resources such as space and RAM.

Services that can be hosted on the cloud

Cloud providers offer services that can be grouped into:

In this service, a complete application is offered to the customer as a service on-demand and highly scalable internet-based applications are hosted on the cloud and offered as services to the end-user. examples Google Docs,,

  • Platform as a service(PaaS)

This platform is used to design, develop, build, and test applications provided by cloud infrastructure. The customer has the freedom to build his own applications which run on the provider’s infrastructure. Examples Azure service platform,, Goggle App Engine.

  • Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)

This is a pay per use model, services like storage, database management, and computing capabilities are offered on demand. Examples Amazon Web services, GoGrid, 3 Tera.

Cloud Hosting providers in Kenya

In Kenya, TrueHost Cloud is the best, secure, and reliable cloud hosting provider at a cheap and affordable price.

Shared Hosting is the cheapest option at TrueHost which is offered as hosting packages each with a Cpanel to access the space for uploading packages at an affordable price.

TrueHost offer a dedicated server at a monthly subscription to clients who want to have the whole physical server. The client acquires the server on lease and operates its operations.

TrueHost provide virtual private server at subscription rates to clients who wish to use online servers on lease and customize the operating system and the memory.

TrueHost as the Host is in charge of allocating memory, CPU cores, and a network connection. Stay connected.

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