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Cheapest Hosting in Kenya: What You Need To Know Now

Last updated on November 10th, 2020 at 11:16 am

Cheapest hosting in Kenya

In starting a journey, you need a plan. You need to know where you are, the risks to take, the means to reach your destination, and the aim of the journey. Are you looking to set up a website in Kenya? Looking for Cheapest hosting in Kenya?

Web hosting is important in setting up the best. This article will help in answering your questions on Webhosting and guide you in considering TrueHost as a cheap web hosting service in Kenya.

What is web hosting?

To make your website accessible through the world wide web you need to host it.

Simply Webhosting is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible online.

Why is it important?

When you host your files on a hosting company, TrueHost host servers are available 24/7 meaning your company will be accessible to the web at any time.

Responsibilities like server maintenance, troubleshooting, and keeping the server up to date are taken care of by Web Host companies.

TrueHost is a reliable and secure Webhosting company globally that operates to offer the best Web hosting services.

Webhosting services at true Host include

  • Bronze Hosting is free for starters.
  •  Silver Webhosting
  • Gold hosting
  • Platinum hosting

Kindly click on this link to have your order and consider your package at an affordable price. We value your taste

What is a cPanel

A Cpanel is a web-based host control panel provided to website owners to allow them to manage their website from a website-based interface. A Cpanel allows you to manage email addresses, domain names, databases allowing you to overcome any problems that may arise during its use.

You can access the Cpanel installation by means of a web browser. TrueHost provides a customized control panel that can help you overcome any problems that arise during its use.

TrueHost cloud uses two Cpanel WHCM/Cpanel used in Linux Hosting. I

t is a free Cpanel Webhosting with the domain, email address, WordPress, web design templates. It has all the software tools you need to upload your website content easily.

Check TrueHost Webhosting

What is a domain

Besides looking for the cheapest hosting in Kenya, you need a name.

A domain is a name that uniquely identifies a website. It serves as a physical address that helps you locate a place without necessarily having to inquire for directions.

A domain name enables your users to come directly to your website without having to look for direction.

Why you need a domain name

A domain name uniquely identifies your identity in a business. Having your own domain name and email addresses will give your business credibility, protect your copyrights, and increase brand awareness.

How can I get a domain name for my website?

TrueHost is the leading domain registrar in Kenya accredited by KENIC. A domain name has two parts: name and an extension.

Some of the extensions in Kenya,,.org, and. Ke.

TrueHost provides domain name registration at a cheap and affordable price. TrueHost allows you to get a free transfer of the. Ke domain service.

The. Ke speaks a lot about your business in Kenya. It is a domain extension for all Kenyan businesses, individuals, and foreign organizations in Kenya.

A. is a domain name for a company in Kenya issued by the Kenya Information Network Center (KENIC). To increase your visibility in Kenya.

TrueHost is here to rescue you at an affordable price, no official documents needed.

What about pricing

At TrueHost we have two pricing which are registration price and renewal price. You need to renew your domain annually.

At TrueHost the pricing goes for. Ksh 500 registration fee and is renewed yearly. Ksh 1000. You are free to make renewals for more than one year at a discount. 

If you fail to pay for a domain name in Kenya you will get a pre-expiring reminder, redemption period and you will receive a message telling you that your domain is expired, the domain will be made available and after 30 days it can go back to the public and buy by anyone who needs it.

How to register: It so simple and easy we serve you from where you are. If you do not have an account with us open an account for free.

Log in and register for a domain of your choice. An invoice will be sent to your email, hosting packages are also available to make your order.

Service the invoice to be registered automatically. You are free to check your domain name registration at any time.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL Certificate is a tool used to provide secure links between web servers and web browsers.

In Kenya, SSL Certificates are popular due to their affordability and necessity as a measure of cybersecurity.

Why have an SSL certificate?

It ensures that data passed between the website and the website browser is secure.

SSL encryption prevents hackers from stealing private information. A website with an SSL certificate uses the HTTP protocol.

TrueHost provide a cheap and affordable SSL certificate which is easy to install and trusted by many web browsers.

Certification authority whose certificates are available in Kenya sold at TrueHost are Ident rust, Comodo, DigiCert, Certum, GlobalSign, Entrust.

How is installing, renewal, and issuing of SSL Certificate done in Kenya?

The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, the issuing, installation, and renewal of SSL certificates is automated.

The standard certificate needs to be bought from certificate authorities or agents in Kenya. You are required to order the certificate then install it in the Cpanel. Renewal is done yearly.

TrueHost offers free installation of the SSL certificate and unlimited re-uses.

Best web hosting for small businesses

Here are the Cheapest hosting in Kenya.

Shared web hosting is best suited for small businesses. Many Websites are hosted on the same web server sharing the same server to minimizing the cost.

Mostly efficient for small businesses where traffic is minimal.

TrueHost offers a cheap and affordable solution to your small business.

Visit to learn more about the different Webhosting in TrueHost.

How to pay for cheap web hosting in Kenya

Everyone is looking for a cheap and affordable means of payment. Most companies in Kenya have several means of payment.

At TrueHost we have a user friendly and affordable means of making payment anywhere at any time. You can purchase online and make your payments via Lipa Na MPESA, bank transfers, or PayPal.

Invoice is provided fourteen days before the renewal date of the services. Refund at TrueHost is offered for overpayments, payments made against no service, and incorrect transactions.

Visit and make your payments automatically at a secure and affordable platform.

TrueHost operates 24/7 and our support team is available at any time. You can reach us through WhatsApp, ticketing system, or live chat.

We are here to offer the best. and Cheapest hosting in Kenya.

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