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The 5 Best Hosts For Blogging Today

Do you want to find out the best hosts for blogging today? Well, this is the post! We’ll also gather insights on:

  • What blogging is and how to start it.
  • What hosting means and where to get it.
  • How blogs are hosted.
  • Features of a good host.
  • And the best host for blogging.

A blog is simply a diary run by an individual or organization. The blog has regular updates and is available for everyone to read.

A blog can share any topic and management is easy. These days content management systems like WordPress have made it easy to own a blog.

One has the freedom to use media such as pictures and videos to share a story. Start blogging today and share your opinions with the world.

How do you start a blog?

  • Find a niche- this is the idea behind the blog. What are you going to talk about? Find a niche you are conversant with.
  • Pick a good domain name- this is the name of your blog. It says what your blog will be about. Find a creative and attractive name.
  • Find a hosting platform- it’s where you will host your blog. Ensure that you get a platform that fits your plans and offers what you need.
  • Market your blog- this is creating awareness. Use logos, marketing tools, and more. Reach out across the globe efficiently.
  • Start blogging- it’s time to write your posts now. Create posts that are engaging and easy to read.

Creating a blog doesn’t take long. The above are a few steps to start! For more insights, read here.

Do I need a web host for a blog?

Not necessarily, however, to maintain ownership and control you need a web host. Besides, there is a lot more that comes with paid hosting.

Having a web host allows you to customize your blog. You have control over what your blog should have and whatnot.

The consequences fall when your content is taken down, especially when hosting on someone else’s platform.

Get creative and get a web host, it will save your blog!

What does hosting mean?

This is a service for storing your website files on a server and is payable upon agreed times.  Hosting ensures that your site is available online.

It means that everyone across the globe has access to it. You can add, update or remove the content as you please.

One can also choose the method of access. Hosting gives you control over your blog and other services you need. 

Websites like Facebook are on a server their access is easy and one can use any device. From hosting one also gets:

  • SSL Certificates- security measures that protect your sites from malicious activities.
  • Storage- where your files are stored safely.
  • Bandwidth- allows your site to run smoothly.
  • Email accounts- it’s your communication channel.
  • There is a lot more! Check your host.

Blogs are hosted on a server where all resources are tailored for the blog. Get your site live by signing up with a good web host.

Features of a good host

Good pricing

Everyone needs a budget-friendly host, one that falls under your plans. A good web host has no hidden fees.

They should offer you what you pay for and more. They shouldn’t charge you extra for services they are to provide.

Know what their plans include before signing up. Find a host that gives value to your money.

Customer service

Is the web host reliable? Do they solve issues on time? How well do they respond to queries? A good web host should be reliable and satisfy clients’ needs instantly.

Without good service, your blog fails. Get reviews about them and know them before choosing to be part of your host.

Besides, not everything always runs smoothly. You need to have a host that guarantees even with issues your blog is always accessible.

Have integrations

Blogs need to be monitored and what better way than having tracking scripts. These scripts show you the blog’s performance.

There is also a need to customize your blog to your liking. A way that you and your clients are always happy.

Ensure that you can measure metrics and provide the best for your clients. 

Ease of use

Why have a blog and you can’t use it? A good host should ensure you set up and manage your blog with ease.

Running your site shouldn’t be an issue. They should also chip in with resources and offer additional help for any technical issues.

They should ensure that sharing your opinions shouldn’t be an issue.

Monetization Opportunities

Can you earn through your blog? A good host should ensure that you can monetize your blog and generate revenue from your posts.

Besides, why not earn for delivering amazing content? They should offer ways and extensions to ensure that you earn from the blog.

Also with good content comes more views and popularity. Find a way to capitalize on that!


A site grows with content updates and visitors. A good host should ensure that your blog will grow without inconveniences.

At times content becomes easy to find; visitors and metrics increase as you post. Your site should be scalable to adapt to these changes.

Get a host that guarantees satisfaction for your visitors and adapts to changes instantly. 

Uptime and reliability

Keeping your site live and accessible anytime ensures consumers keep coming. People have different times when they will read your posts.

An active site keeps visitors and readers satisfied and keeps up with your blog. Ensure your host provides a good uptime and is reliable. 

The 5 Best Hosts For Blogging Today


It’s among the best hosts for blogging for it ensures client satisfaction! This is by providing the best services that are reliable and affordable.

For newbies, the support team is always ready to help you set up. You don’t need technical skills to use Truehost.

It doesn’t feel good when your consumers can’t get to your site. But Truehost ensures that your blog runs smoothly!

Best Hosts For Blogging: Truehost

What makes it the best?


Their plans are amazing!  You don’t need a huge budget, for as low as Ksh. 379/month get 50GB of SSD hosting.

With this plan get 30 Websites + Unlimited Emails; there is a lot more in store. Besides, when not satisfied there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Visit their page today and get more plans.

Customer service   

Their team solves issues instantly. They are available for calls, texts, and also emails. When you run into issues the support team is always ready to help.

They guarantee that your site issues don’t affect service delivery. Your visitors and readers will always be content.

In addition, they offer posts that will help you improve your blog.

Uptime and reliability

They guarantee 99.99% of uptime, your site will be accessible easily. When it comes to reliability, you get what you pay for, with no hidden charges.

Also, your blog will perform well on any device. Your site is protected from malicious activity. Everyone can reach you and share your site without any issues.

Get started on Truehost today and grow your site. Keep scaling your site and ensure the best performance for your blog.


This is another part of the best hosts for blogging for you. WordPress is an open-source project that allows you to host and run a blog effortlessly.

WordPress holds about 43% of websites created. Their services have ensured that everyone can run a blog with ease.

It’s popular and a reliable service provider. They also are a website builder that makes it easy to establish an online presence.

What makes WordPress stand out?

User friendly

Going live with WordPress is effortless! Their services are accessible and their pages manageable without bother.

Newbies can run their blogs and share without the need to learn technical skills. The process is smooth and reliable.

Their site is customized to ensure everyone can use it. 


Their servers are equipped to run smoothly and are adaptable. Your blog will be accessible on any device without crisis.

No one wants a site that can only be accessible on one device. Besides, people use phones more often than computers.

SEO plans

Getting started with WordPress will ensure that your website is rankable. They have numerous plugins that will optimize your site.

Implementation of the SEO will ensure quality content and frequent visits. Your site will grow and keep getting clients every time.


WordPress has a limited free plan. The pro plan costs $15/month. Get started for free and upgrade as your site grows.

There is a lot more that WordPress offers for you. 


It’s the 3rd among the best hosts for blogging. It’s a powerful service provider with millions of clients all over the world.

They provide clients with reliable services. They ensure that one is satisfied and gets value for their money.

Best Hosts For Blogging: Bluehost

Why Bluehost?

Customer service

Their team is available 24/7 to solve issues and ensure your site runs smoothly. Whenever you run into issues they are solved instantly.

Bluehost ensures that your blog will run with ease. They keep you informed on how best to ensure your site runs smoothly.

Ease of use

Setting up your blog on Bluehost is instant. Their dashboard is easy to use and with just a few clicks manage your site effortlessly.

A newbie can run their blog without any bother and connect with the globe instantly. They also offer help when setting up your blog.

By just answering a few questions, get your blog ready!

Security features

Safety is a major concern for every individual. Bluehost however has incorporated the best secure means to ensure that your blog is protected.

Your blog is safe from malicious activity and content is also backed up. They monitor your site and ensure it runs smoothly.

The pricing:

For as low as $2.95 get started on Bluehost. The plan has:

  • Free Domain for 1st Year
  • Free SSL Certificate Included
  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Expert 24/7 Support

Get in touch with Bluehost for this and more plans.


This is a popular host and domain service provider. It has been around for a while serving millions of clients daily.

As a service provider, they have quality and reliable services. They satisfy clients’ needs and ensure the scalability of your blog.

What makes GoDaddy stand out

Good reputation

GoDaddy has made a name for itself by providing reliable and affordable services. They have also guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Their reputation has kept growing for being a wonderful service provider. Besides, they have millions of clients that can attest to the best service delivery.

Payment options

They ensure that you get what you need smoothly. It doesn’t limit one to using cards only; use your reliable means to pay for their services.

Complete transactions with ease! 

Ease of use

GoDaddy has crafted its site for everyone to use it. Whether you are experienced or a newbie, running it becomes easy.

Manage your blog without hassle with GoDaddy.

Their plans:

GoDaddy offers all these for as low as $5.99 /month. Get your site up and running today with GoDaddy hosting.


It’s part of the best hosts for blogging for they provide secure and reliable services. It’s trusted by clients all over the globe for delivering the best.

They guarantee that everyone can run any site smoothly. 

Best Hosts For Blogging: HostGator

What makes it stand out?

Affordable pricing

You don’t need a huge budget to get started on HostGator, for as low as $2.75 run your blog instantly.

You get value for your money without extra and hidden charges. Besides, they don’t bait you to pay for more than a year to get the discounted price.

Customer service

This team is readily available to assist and ensure clients’ issues are always solved. They are available 24/7 on emails, calls, and also chats.

Make your blog the best with HostGator. Ensure consumers keep coming back for being the best and most reliable.

Uptime and reliability

Services rendered by HostGator are 99.99% reliable. This means your blog will be accessible to everyone with ease.

Share your opinions without any fuss! Get to connect and reach out to millions with HostGator hosting plans.


Another best hosting platform for bloggers. They provide clients with the best sites; have over 20 years of experience!

What makes it stand out among the best hosts for blogging?

Uptime and reliability

They have a guarantee of 99.92% which ensures your blog runs smoothly. They also ensure your site is readily accessible on many devices.

Everyone is able to reach your blog and share with others instantly. 

Ease of use

Setting up your blog on DreamHost is instant. The platform was designed to ensure everyone can get started with ease.

You don’t need special skills to get started today.


For as low as $2.95/month get your blog live. Share with the world your opinion, news, and more instantly.

Now you have a host and a blog, how do you ensure there is traffic to your site? Well here are 5 things you need to do:

Post regularly

Getting up to date about events helps us share, communicate, adapt, and more. If a blog is often updated metrics increase and grow your site.

It’s easy for people to get bored when you don’t post. Regular updates also ensure that Google and other search engines can reach your site.

It makes it easy for you also to measure your metrics. You also learn the best content to create for your readers.

Besides, when busy you can schedule posts and ensure readers are always satisfied.

Implement SEO 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that website users adopt to provide quality content that can be featured on search engines.

Google measures metrics and crawls to your sites to ensure that you rank. It also checks for quality and ranks you accordingly.

SEO targets unpaid traffic, meaning after the paid ad your website can rank without cost. Many use ads to ensure they rank first.

If your budget is tight consider SEO which is easy and efficient to implement. 

Share your posts

Not everyone knows about your blog. You need to create awareness and share it with the world through friends, social media, and other channels.

Ensure that many know about what you share. These days marketing a blog has become easy as it can be done with just a click of a button.

Find ways to ensure more people know about your blog. 

Implement adverts

These adverts mostly direct people to your site. It’s easy to create ads, and using them also is easy too!

The best sites today use ads to drive traffic, spark interest and ensure they get clients. Why not try it for your blog.

They are reliable and once you know how to target your readers, implementation is instant. Learn about Google ads today!

Create irresistible topics and content

It’s easy to get someone hooked up to content with the topics and content delivered. Use creativity to lure more readers to your blog.

Be unique and provide content that other blogs don’t. Deliver content in a way that leaves every reader yearning for more.

Don’t just write; paint a picture for the readers. Make them hooked and keep them coming back and sharing with their friends.

Sum up;

Choosing the best hosts for blogging doesn’t need to be a challenge. These five can work best for you today.

Be on the lookout for what each provides. Decide which best suits your plans before signing up. Now get your blog live and share your opinions. 

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