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10 Best Counties To Do Business In Kenya

Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 07:51 am

Location is a crucial factor when starting a business. What location will you choose for your business, and why? It’s crucial to find a location that can support the growth of your company. Also, discover the ideal business location for your particular industry.

When picking a business location, whether starting a new office or shop or wanting to extend your business into new locations, there are numerous factors for business owners to take into account.

Your prospective revenues, market influence, operating costs, and other factors are impacted by where you launch your business.

What to consider before starting a business

Before starting any type of business in a particular location, it’s vital to take into account a variety of aspects, including the area’s infrastructure, competition, demography, accessibility of raw materials, and growth potential.

1). Competition

When deciding on the best county for your business, competition is a crucial issue to take into account. While it may not be a good idea, doing business where other firms of similar nature are well-liked can be advantageous.

Customers enjoy having options. People will always travel to a location if it is known for particular goods to purchase them there. Your business can operate in that region.

This isn’t always a good idea, though. One business may lose if it competes against several others offering a similar product. Once more, a region’s low level of competition may be an obvious sign that the type of business doesn’t thrive there.

2). Infrastructure

Any type of business can benefit from strong infrastructure, so location considerations for your business should be taken very seriously. To guarantee that consumers and staff can reach the business easily, it is crucial to consider the local transportation options.

Other aspects of infrastructure that you should also think about include security, power, and water supply.

3). Demography

It is critical to learn about the locals’ customs and beliefs before deciding the place to be an ideal location for your business.

The idea of having to go a long way to purchase something makes consumers unhappy. Select a county that places you close to your target market.

4). Availability of raw materials

It’s crucial to consider whether the raw materials for your business are accessible when picking a county in Kenya to launch or expand your business.

It can be expensive to obtain raw materials from a distant location or county, which will lower your profit margin

5). Potential growth

Every business owner desires to see their business expand. Look for a location with the type of customers your company wants to attract. The location should be conducive to ensure your business can thrive.

There are so many places where you can choose to do your business. Kenya has 47 counties, 4 incorporated cities, and many major towns. 

Having considered all those aspects, here is a list of the best counties to do business in Kenya.

i). Nairobi County

This county is among the most developed in Kenya and serves as the capital city of the country. It has a population of over 5 million people.

The county of Nairobi provides the most commercial opportunities. Due to the presence of prestigious hotels, government buildings, and several other companies’ headquarters in this county, all businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from increased traffic.

The type of businesses that can do well in this county includes; hotels, pub, photography, furniture, and building real estate.

ii). Mombasa County

The most popular tourist attraction in the nation is this county. It draws both domestic and international visitors, so your business will undoubtedly succeed here.

The best business to do in Mombasa county include hotels, guest houses, pubs, and real estate.

iii). Kisumu County

This is the third largest city in Kenya.  It acts as a hub for trade and transportation for the West African nation of the great lakes.

Although the county is not business oriented, the majority of its population are consumers, so there is a strong likelihood that a business will prosper here.

However, election-related and post-election violence is most prevalent in this county. The county is the finest place to launch any form of business while it is tranquil. Any goods have an extremely high demand. 

There are always opportunities for you to launch a business in Kisumu and see it through to profitability, regardless of how little money you have.

Some of the best businesses to start in Kisumu are hotels, fast food restaurants, pubs, MPESA, bank agencies, transportation, and movers businesses.

iv). Nakuru County

This is a multicultural county where the Kikuyu, Kalenjin, and Kisii tribes predominate. It recently became the fourth largest city in the country. It is also among the most developed county.

Nakuru county is the perfect place to establish a business as traders travel through here from western Kenya on their route to Nairobi. Starting a wholesale company here would enable small business owners to buy goods for their businesses without having to travel to Nairobi.

It is calm, pleasant, and conducive to the environment.  It has the most tax-friendly environment. The chance of loss brought on by electoral violence is extremely low. Suitable businesses to set up in this county include; agribusiness, children’s recreational center, motorcycle spare parts, and guest houses.

v). Machakos County

This county is rich in natural resources including meadows, livestock, and water from Athi and Tana rivers. However, not all areas of the county experience this.

Many individuals relocating to this county for residence or in search of greener pastures because it is comparatively affordable to live here.

In general, Machakos’ economy is flourishing, and launching your business here is a great idea.  The best businesses in this county include; constructing guest houses, hardware shops, fast food restaurants, and groceries.

vi). Kiambu County

This county has a town with the most industries and a high population of consumers. It is on the outskirts of Nairobi making it easier for someone to travel to the county for raw materials. Also, being close enables the growth of industries.

The county’s low rent costs, excellent transportation system, and proximity to the capital make it ideal for business. Setting up any business in Kiambu county means profits.

Some businesses that seem to be performing well in and around this county include transport business, middle-income real estate, supply of construction materials, ICT-based, grocery supplies, agro vet, and poultry farming.

vii). Kajiado County

This county is significant because it stretches from Kitengelato Kiserian, via Namanga, Loitoktok, and Ngong. It is a tourist and agricultural destination.

It is a Kenyan county that is rapidly growing and offers a huge variety of business options. In the previous five years, it has grown significantly. Many investors have become interested in the area’s significant development. The new construction has improved the outlook for this county, spurring economic expansion.

Infrastructure growth is accelerating exponentially. It is crossed by the Nairobi Namanga highway and the standard gauge railway. Starting your own business here can be rewarding as it has sparked business growth. This county also has plenty of space for manufacturing and industrial facilities.

Some great business ideas that can do well in this county include; water supply, recreational center, guest houses, agro vet, poultry farming, tour guide company, and residential homes.

viii). Uasin Gishu County

The favorable weather in Uasin Gishu county benefits a variety of small and large businesses. Transit is a simple way to access the county. The county is one of the biggest providers of food security in Kenya, with agriculture serving as the primary economic activity.

The county’s Eldoret International Airport handles a considerable volume of goods from the Middle East. As a result, the county is experiencing rapid expansive economic growth. By making investments in the value addition of agricultural products, this industry has the potential to grow.

There are several reasons for you to begin operating a business in this region. This includes a flourishing economy, enhanced infrastructure, lower corporate expenses, and a stable social and political environment.

Additionally, this county, particularly the headquarters in the town of Eldoret, was affected by the post-election violence in 2007. It is therefore important to select the businesses that are not vulnerable to violent risk while intending to open a business here.

ix). Narok County

Maasai  Mara is a tourist destination in the county. The national GDP has benefitted by more than 2% from tourism. There are a lot of business options because so many tourists frequent the area. 

Also, the weather in this county is great for agriculture. It is also a peaceful county that enables you to run a business at any season. The World Bank once ranked Narok as the world’s 15th greatest investment region

For those living in Narok county and its surroundings, providing imported clothes, curio shops, cyber cafes, bodaboda, restaurants, and tour guide services are some excellent small business ideas.

x). Kisii County

Due to the county’s dense population, any commodity you generate will be used. It is ideal for any agricultural enterprise due to weather. In addition, Kisii county is a tranquil area. So if you establish a business here, it will succeed.

Some of the businesses that will perform well here include; agro vet, pharmacy, car wash, and electronics shop.


We examined the criteria to take into account when selecting the ideal county for conducting business and also provided a list of the top ten counties in which to do so. However, the listings are not based on the order.

Remember, your business needs a website no matter where you do business.

Go ahead and register a domain now.

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