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Top 340+ Instagram Content Ideas for Bloggers

In this article, we will be going over 40 of the best Instagram content ideas that you can use to grow your followers and even drive traffic back to your website/store.

Instagram is a social media platform where people can share photos and videos. It has been around for a while and its popularity keeps growing. With that popularity, Instagram’s content has become a constant headache to most content writers.

 The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram Post

Instagram Content Ideas for Bloggers

An Instagram post is usually dependent on the content of the photo. The caption can have a huge impact on how people view your photo.

There are several factors to consider when it comes to captions, such as:

  • The caption should be fun and light-hearted – It’s okay to have a clever pun, or a personal tidbit about the caption’s subject. However, avoid using sarcasm or snarky humor in your captions because it is not typically liked by followers
  • It should be shareable and relatable- A good caption might include a comparison between a specific post and something else, or a personal reflection on the content of your Instagram feed.
  • It should be short and sweet – using common words that are easy for the average person to understand. A good caption could say, “Cooking dinner with my baby girl!”The hashtags should also be short and sweet. You can use one of the following hashtags: #food, #dinner, #familytime.

When taking photos for Instagram, here are some tips that should help you make your posts more eye-catching and engaging:

  • Use natural light. Make sure your photo is well-lit. Avoid overexposed angles.
  • Follow the rule of thirds which makes it easy to position your photo. Divide the frame into 3×3 grid. The subject of your photo should in within the center square where the lines intersect.
  • Choose one focal point. Only focus on the details you want to highlight in the photo.

Personal Instagram Post Ideas for Bloggers

Here are some personal instagram post ideas to share;

  1. What you do in your free time?
  2. Talk about your day (Where did you go, what did you eat)
  3. Outfit of the day
  4. Share an unpopular opinion
  5. Favorite place in the house
  6. The books you like reading
  7. The songs that are always on repeat
  8. The app you use the most
  9. The last time you went on a travel
  10. The worst salon experience ever
  11. The product you never recommend to anyone
  12. Your memories (Share a throwback picture, memories with family, remember a friend)
  13. What I wish I knew before going to college, starting an instagram blog, doing diet, getting married etc
  14. Talk about birthdays
  15. 3 things you are grateful for
  16. Why people hate social media?
  17. Social media detox and what you did
  18. Opinion on a trending topic
  19. Something you are struggling with
  20. Something you are always scared about
  21. How you face challenges in life?
  22. How you get motivated every day?
  23. What’s your next plan? Your dreams?
  24. What’s in your wish list?
  25. If you ever get a chance to travel, where would you go?
  26. Comment on a youtube video
  27. Share a new restaurant, online site, youtube channel
  28. Morning or evening person?

Instagram post ideas for fashion bloggers

If you are a fashion blogger, here are some of the best Instagram content ideas to inspire your creativity.

  1. your outfit of the day (#ootd)!
  2. showcase a flat lay of trending seasonal items you’ve picked up
  3. post a top down photo of your favourite shoes in a circle
  4. photo of your closet – talk about how you keep it organized
  5. share tips for how to take great care of your clothing and accessories
  6. review a popular new accessory or beauty product
  7. talk about your wardrobe staples
  8. do you have a capsule wardrobe? Share how you built it
  9. an image featuring a piece of clothing you love and have had forever
  10. post a photo of you in a trendy outfit at home / or work
  11. tips for being stylish at work
  12. do a try on session video – be sure to speed it up!
  13. how do you store seasonal items? Offer ideas
  14. share tips for keeping your purse organized
  15. show off your kicks – whether from a top down point of view or feet up!
  16. flat lay an upcoming outfit – post yourself wearing it later that week or in your stories that day!
  17. talk about how you plan your outfits
  18. your favourite fashion websites or publications
  19. feature an outfit made up of only one brand – be sure to tag them and use their brand hashtags!

Instagram Content Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

If you are a lifestyle blogger and looking for the best Instagram content ideas, here they are:

  1. post an outfit
  2. share a product you love
  3. take a photo at your favourite local work spot
  4. behind the scenes image at home or at work
  5. create a social media graphic using Canva or PhotoShop
  6. take a photo in front of a colourful backdrop
  7. share how you take your coffee
  8. offer productivity tips
  9. talk about what you did on the weekend
  10. tell followers how you spend your time off
  11. top down photo of your kicks
  12. celebrate a milestone
  13. celebrate your blogging anniversary
  14. announce a new business or achievement
  15. host a giveaway
  16. create a quote graphic with Canva or PhotoShop
  17. host a challenge
  18. what you’re listening to
  19. shows you’re watching
  20. games you’re playing
  21. post a collection of photos
  22. books and/or magazines you’re reading
  23. your goals for the month
  24. larger goals for the year
  25. ask your audience what they want to see more of
  26. run a poll
  27. top down image of a beautiful meal
  28. celebrate a micro-holiday
  29. your fitness routine
  30. share a recipe
  31. ideas for how to unwind after a long day
  32. share interesting statistics related to your niche
  33. create and share a freebie
  34. introduce your family
  35. introduce your pet
  36. post a photo from your latest trip
  37. photo from a hike or in nature
  38. photo of beautiful local architecture
  39. topdown image of your planner
  40. offer organization tips
  41. share a funny quote on a letter board
  42. celebrate the start of a new month
  43. celebrate starting a new year
  44. share your best nine
  45. celebrate a national holiday from your heritage
  46. talk about your cultural background
  47. talk about a memory from your childhood
  48. talk about a defining moment in your life
  49. your latest manicure
  50. a photo with your kids
  51. a photo with your significant other
  52. post a photo of your steering wheel and what you’re listening to
  53. post a photo of a newly renovated or decorated space
  54. share a photo of a project you’re starting
  55. post progress teasers for the above
  56. create a cute twinning photo
  57. post a selfie
  58. post a top down photo
  59. create an IG-worth styled photo
  60. share your beauty routine
  61. talk about your skincare routine
  62. post a photo of seasonal decor
  63. product launch
  64. what’s in your bag
  65. share a discount
  66. visit a garden
  67. share your garden
  68. treat yourself to a bouquet
  69. share a deconstructed flat lay – food, tools, etc.
  70. use white space
  71. capture the sunrise
  72. share a challenge you’ve overcome
  73. time management tips
  74. share a photo to make your followers laugh
  75. create a collage
  76. talk about an event that changed your life
  77. ask your followers to do something
  78. share a product collection or set – lipsticks, etc.
  79. create a nature flat lay
  80. tell a story
  81. share why you started your business
  82. share an opinion
  83. share what motivates you
  84. post a photo from a recent event you attended
  85. share a photo from a concert you attended
  86. share an image of your Black Friday haul
  87. Black Friday specials you’re shopping for
  88. photo of your Christmas tree
  89. share an image of the bottle you’ll be popping this new years
  90. share a photo that uses a SnapChat filter – here’s a cute one by BougeMama
  91. share another platform your followers can find you on
  92. share an update
  93. answer a question you get asked often
  94. feature an employee, friend, or family member
  95. post something inspirational
  96. unveil a new product – could be a new category of your blog
  97. post a video tutorial
  98. post a photo of a photo
  99. post a photo of you taking a photo
  100. post a photo of a healthy meal or shake
  101. create a hyperlapse video
  102. share a beautiful interior
  103. post a photo of your Thanksgiving feast
  104. share your Halloween costume
  105. share what’s in your little one’s Easter basket
  106. share a photo of fun in the sun!
  107. share an accessory focused image
  108. style an outfit with a wide
  109. start an Instagram post series
  110. share a blooper or IG photo fail
  111. take a walk in the park
  112. share beautiful lights

Instagram Content Ideas for Fitness Bloggers

Here are some awesome content ideas for fitness bloggers.

  1. post a workout routine tutorial
  2. share an image of your favourite space to workout
  3. feature a favourite supplement
  4. flat lay of what’s in your gym bag
  5. share your fitness playlist
  6. post a list of ideas for working out when you’re super busy
  7. share one of your go to meals
  8. flat lay of your workout clothes
  9. create a workout graphic – i.e. highlight a move’s benefits
  10. post an image of you doing your favourite workout – 
  11. share before and after photos of yourself or fitness clients
  12. feature a healthy snack or meal idea
  13. how you incorporate supplements in your day
  14. share your workout schedule
  15. how you spend your days off from the gym
  16. talk about the turning point in your fitness life – what made you get serious about fitness?
  17. feature another Instagram user that inspires you – link to one of your favourite tips or workouts!
  18. share ideas for working out at home
  19. post ideas for working out on the go 
  20. feature the benefits of exercise – talk about your own personal experience

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