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Yes, domain names do expire

A land lease is renewed if the tenant wants to continue using the land. This is usually done before the agreed lease period expires. However, when the lease expires the tenant can allow a certain grace period within which the rent should be paid. 

A domain name is not any different from the land. Once you purchase a domain name, it only belongs to you for a specific amount of time, maybe a year or two, or more. This time depends on the agreement you have with your registrar.

A year ago you purchased a domain name for your business/ blog …  You get a notification from your registrar that your domain is expiring soon and that you should renew it to avoid going offline.In dismay you wonder why they are telling you to pay for renewal of the domain yet it belongs to you, you already purchased it. Well, the lease is about to expire and if you’d like to continue owning the domain name you need to renew it. Domain names are not immortal, they expire.

A domain name is part of your brand identity, and very important, especially for your online presence. The risk you face by not renewing your domain is losing it to someone else; and this comes with a load of disadvantages for you. You see, once a domain name expires, there is a grace period within which it should be renewed; this period ranges between 10 – 90 days, depending on the domain extension. Once the grace period is over, the domain name is released back to the market for any willing buyer.

Some registrars offer the option for one to pay for their domains for more than one year in the beginning.This helps avoid the worry of forgetting to renew the domain name when its due or being caught off guard when you’re penniless.

Truehost Cloud offers you the best domain registration prices. In addition, Truehost Cloud offers discounted prices for domain renewal that you will find nowhere else. They also allow renewal offer renewal of services for longer periods of time. They notify you early enough about the expiry of your domain to help you prepare early in advance.

In conclusion, the myth about domain names not expiring has been demystified.  Contact your registrar today, in case they have not contacted you for the renewal of your domain/s and inquire about their expiry dates. If you know their dates, good; renew yours today and avoid disruption of service or worse, losing it to someone else.

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