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Why Truehost Cloud offers Cheap Domain Registration in Kenya

Last updated on September 29th, 2020 at 06:17 am

Why Truehost Cloud offers cheap domain names in Kenya

Truehost Cloud is reputed for providing Reliable and Cheap domain names in Kenya. Cheap domain names registration services availed by Truehost Cloud are popular. As a result of the availability in the Kenyan market and other African markets like Nigeria.

This article explores why and how Truehost Cloud provides cheap domain registration in Kenya


Long-term focus on the client – Why cheap domain names in Kenya

Truehost Cloud is keen on a repeat client. Successful repeat client business requires customer-centric measures that include consistent and fair domain prices. In general, we focus on consistent and fair domain prices. Significantly, this has ensured Truehost Cloud domain prices remain under ten dollars per year.  – these are cheap domain name prices.

Added value Services – Why

Truehost Cloud does not seek to make money from domain name registration service. Truehost Cloud makes money from cloud services such as cloud servers, hosting, email services, and SSL Certificates. The focus on added value services has allowed Truehost Cloud to offer domain names with zero margins.


High-Efficiency Company – Why and How

Truehost cloud runs a high efficient domain registration service.  Automated Domain name search, domain ordering, and payment system ensure efficiency in service delivery.

Zero human intervention in the domain name ordering process increases efficiency; in the process and therefore cutting down the cost of operations.

Due to low operating costs has allowed Truehost to offer cheap domain name registration services in Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Bulk Domain Purchase – How

Truehost Cloud buys domain names in bulk from Registries around the world at cheap prices. These wholesale domain purchases allow Truehost Cloud to offer the cheapest domain names registration and management in the market in Africa, – Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.


Cutting edge technology – How

Truehost Cloud RD department has come up with cutting edge innovation around domain name registration and management. This has led to reduced cost of operations and hence cheap domain name registration prices. Innovations include smart DNS that allow cheap domain name record management

Home grown – Born in Africa for Africa – why

Truehost Cloud was found in Kenya to serve Kenya and the African market. Why would we exploit our dear brothers and sisters in domain name registration for one day profit?  it doesn’t make sense.

Truehost Cloud is proud to be known for fair business practices in Africa.  We are born in Africa for Africa. – Truehost Cloud – The Standard Cloud





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