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Why free web hosting at Truehost is Rewarding

Are you wondering whether to choose our free web hosting plans at Truehost? This article will focus on why free web hosting at Truehost will benefit you especially if you are just a small business thinking to sell your business idea online by showcasing your products and may have little or no knowledge of web hosting and its jargons.

The free web hosting package comes with several features here is a summary:  customizable cpanel that handles all aspects of website administration.

2.144mb disk space-this storage will be useful especially if you are just hosting your personal website or portfolio landing page.The free package also comes along with the disk space usage that can guide you on how well to utilize your disk space and how much space is consumed.

3.1gb bandwidth-this is more than enough to handle your website traffic.

4. 1 Email account– this will host your mails and you can configure to receive your mails via webmail,gmail or outlook.

5.Email forwarders and auto-responders– this is an option where you can configure your mails to forward to other email accounts also you can configure an automatic res-ponder to your mails sent to you even when out of office.

6.FTP accounts-This is an option where you you can configure a ftp account this is normally especially if you want to access your website files,edit them or upload them using software such as filezilla.This makes the process of uploading stuff much simpler!You can also add or remove ftp accounts.there is also the ftp session control featur that comes along that may guide you on how to control how many ftp accounts are in session e.t.c

7.Knowledgebase– our Truehost website always publishes relevant articles that may guide you when you want to learn how to use the cpanel features like word press installation, troubleshooting common errors occurring in the cpanel and many more articles especially if you want to learn web design,web hosting business e.t.c the knowledgebase may prove to be a good guide.

8.Backups -our free web hosting package includes the backup feature which can prove to be resourceful especially if you may have altered the settings of the cpanel and website files.This is even made more simpler with the backup wizard .

9.Directory Protection-the free web hosting package even gets better with improved security features whereby you can password protect your directories and control how they are accessible.

10.IP Blocker-another security feature that comes along with the free package is the IP denial feature whereby you can block a range of IP addresses from accessing your site.Incase you are always getting you forget your password and have several failed login attempts then the reason could be your IP has been blocked! this enhances security of your cpanel by ensuring unauthorized access is denied.

To conclude,there are many more features I haven’t mentioned like leech protection,hotlink protection, cron jobs,mysql database wizard and network tools.This article am sure has added more insight into how web hosting is done and its features that you immediately  get rewarded to enjoy when you choose our free web hosting package at Truehost without paying a dime for the hosting!

At Truehost Kenya, we understand the value of a website and we seek to lighten this burden by offering free web hosting service for startup business.

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