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4 Things to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 03:39 pm

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

There are hundreds of web hosting companies in Kenya. And it gets really tough when you are looking for that one best hosting provider to handle all your website needs.

And that is why I have compiled this article to discuss 4 crucial to consider when shopping for a web host.

As such, this is a must-read before deciding on a web hosting provider.

Why you need to pay attention to Web Hosting Companies in Kenya

Let me be straight with you:

If you don’t know what you are looking for in your hosting provider, you’ve got a problem.


Because most companies will be promising you the same thing such as unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and infinite email accounts.

Who will you listen to?

Additionally, you should make sure that the hosting provider has a high percentage of uptime. Meaning, your website should be available all the time.

And have a website builder, because if you are a beginner, don’t know how to code, and on a tight budget meaning you can’t afford a web designer, you need a professional website.

Do you see how it is hard deciding on that one unicorn?

But after reading this article, everything will be clear and you will know who to pick.

Features to for when choosing web hosting companies in Kenya

For web hosting in Kenya, look for these things.

  • Unlimited hosting (disk space, bandwidth)
  • Customer support should be available 24/7
  • Enhanced security
  • Free domain names and free SSL certificate
  • Free and easy to use website builder
  • Money-back guarantee
  • SEO and online marketing tools
  • Dependability – the company should have a good reputation with thousands of happy customers
  • Bonus features.

These are the features you should be looking for.

Factors to consider when sampling web hosting companies in Kenya

Web hosting cost

You need affordable web hosting packages, most importantly, you need a reliable provider.

As such, don’t be so fixated on scoring the lowest deal because you get what you pay for.

Let me repeat:

Look at the price and the quality of the features you are getting. Yes, you may pay cheap web hosting now, which ends being costly later.

What do you need now?

This should your #1 factor to consider when sampling web hosting companies in Kenya.


Your website has its own unique needs. And sadly, not every web hosting provider in Kenya will be able to satisfy them fully.

For this reason, sit down and think through what you need. To help you out, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this your first website ever? A new website won’t need many resources. As such you are better off acquiring a free web hosting plan like Bronze Hosting, or Silver hosting plan (Ksh 1499 per year) from Truehost, for example.
  • Are you growing a website? – a growing website needs room to expand. You will need things like a secure website, guaranteed uptime, and enough disk space to store your files.
  • Or you have a well-established business? if you are running an established website, you will need bigger disk space, unlimited email accounts, and such, thanks to increased traffic.

Depending on the stage you are as far as owning a website is concerned, use only what you need at that time.

Truth be told, if you are building a personal blog with less than 1K readers per month, what do you need unlimited bandwidth for?

But it is good to know it is available, in case you will need it.

Features and add-ons

As I mentioned earlier, you need to look at what you are getting. This alone will help you cross your huge list of web hosting companies in Kenya.

  • Does the company offer extra add-ons like privacy protection?
  • Do they have multiple data centers or offer daily backups?
  • Does the company make it easier for beginners to build sites?

Look at Truehost for example:

We have a ton of features available free of charge to you, that others charge for. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or an established webmaster, with our free website builder, you can have a professional site in a matter of minutes.

The reputation of the web hosting provider

Don’t only fall for cheap hosting in Kenya, this is what you need to dig deeper into.

Look at what other customers are saying and whether they were satisfied with their services.

By this point, your list of web hosting companies in Kenya should be growing shorter.

Look for things like:

  • Ease of contact for support
  • How long they take to respond
  • Whether they ensure that your issue is solved

Let me tell you this:

Truehost Kenya has a team of experts you can contact any time, whether at night or during the day. You can use email, phone, or online chat and they reply fast.

Available hardware

What is the web hosting company using?

Make sure they are using quality servers linked together and not just some equipment cobbled together.


Your website’s uptime is very vital. If your provider is using poor quality hardware, your website will be down most of the time. And remember, a minute lost, is a customer lost.

With that in mind, Truehost Kenya is using award-winning cloud technology to host your website. This means that your website will never be down (guaranteed 99.99% uptime).

Bonus factors to consider

Access to control panel

You will agree with this:

Not everyone is tech-savvy. And the last thing you want is contacting support constantly seeking help with a small thing.

As such, you need access to Cpanel. Because this is the place where you can do things like create email accounts, install WordPress cms, and even create File Transfer Protocol (FTP) accounts.

With it, you can easily modify and adjust your website without the need for swallowing a bottle of aspirin.

The best web hosting companies in Kenya like Truehost, give their clients access to Cpanel.

Room to grow

You need a web hosting provider who can help you grow. When your website grows, you need additional resources. The question is, can your host provide them?

What to do next

Now that you know what to look for when choosing web hosting services in Kenya, go through our web hosting packages and its costs here.

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