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VPS Server hosting in Kenya And Virtual Machines (Learn More)

Last updated on September 30th, 2020 at 06:20 am

VPS Server hosting in Kenya is the best thing to ever happen to website owners like you. Imagine enjoying all resources of a dedicated server at a cost of shared hosting!

If you are thinking that is far-fetched, think again.

Ideally, the VPS server is an upgrade from a shared server.

What is a VPS server?

VPS – Refers to Virtual Private Servers

VM – Refers to Virtual Machine

Here, the normal server you are used to is subdivided into compartments (independent), using virtualization technology in Kenya. This way, the departments are capable of operating independently as if they are on their own.

As such, you have your own OS, RAM, and storage disk.

VPS Hosting ideally means leasing a VPS server to host a website, application or software.

VPS refers to a server within a server that has semi dedicated resources for the use case.

Truehost Cloud is a leader in provision of VPS not only in Kenya but in many more countries globally.

Web hosting in Kenya

Truehost Cloud provides all kind of virtualization for the VPS and VM

  • Xenserver VPS
  • VMware VPS
  • Hyper-V VPS

Truehost Cloud has a presence in more than 10 data centers in different regions and locations including:

  • Nairobi, Kenya
  • Johannesburg , South Africa
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Gravelines, France
  • London, UK
  • Montreal, Canada

Truehost Cloud has best pricing for VPS and VM See the pricelist below and order NOW

Best VPS Server Deal in Kenya

If you are looking for VPS Server Hosting in Kenya, check this link here.

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