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SSL Certificates in Kenya

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:34 pm

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates are data files that create a secure link between a website and a visitor’s browser. When they are installed in a web server they activate the padlock and the https protocol and allow secure connection from a web server to a browser. An SSL certificate binds together the server name, domain name and the organization’s identity. Websites which are secure use HTTPS protocol (secure HTTP) instead of HTTP protocol.

Why you need an SSL certificate

You need an SSL certificate to keep sensitive information passed across your website a user’s browser encrypted so that only the intended person receives the information. This helps to protect user’s confidential information from being tampered with or read by hackers and web crashers, you create confidence in your website users as they get sure that any information that they send to you will not be tampered with.

Types of SSL certificates

There are many types of SSL certificates that differ with the way and the services they give; like level of encryption and the ability to cover many domains and subdomains.

-Single domain SSL certificate. Covers only one domain.

-Wildcard SSL certificate. Covers several subdomains and can include limited or unlimited number of subdomains.

-Multi domain SSL certificates. Cover large number of domains in the same server and are suitable when one is hosting several domains in the server.

-Organization validates certificates. Confirm that the secured domain name belongs to the said owner or organization, thus giving higher level of trust.

 -Extended validation certificate. Contains a green bar showing the organization’s name, and the acquisition process involves verification of the existence of the organization, as well as registration with the relevant government authorities.

Where to get your SSL certificate

There are many companies that sell and register SSL certificates, particularly most web hosting companies provide hosting and registering of SSL certificates.

Truehost cloud Kenya is one of the companies that provide the best and cheapest reseller SSL certificates in Kenya.

The following SSL certificates are available at Truehost Kenya:

Comodo positiveSSL certificate at ksh. 1000 annual renewal.

This is suitable for a fast website security solution; it is excellent for internal domains and other domain names where you need fast and simple security. It comes backed by the Comodo brand one of the trusted names in internet security.

RapidSSL certificate at ksh.2500 annual renewal.

It is an ideal solution for protecting a single entry-level site with encryption strength of 256 bit and 99% browser recognition.

RapidSSL wildcard certificate at ksh.21900 annual renewal.

Offers full 256-bit encryption for one main domain and an unlimited amount of associated subdomains.

Geotrust QuickSSL premium certificate at ksh.10452 annual renewal.

It covers one fully qualified domain name and offers a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing, it is the most convenient and cost effective solution.

Geotrust true businessID certificate at ksh.14271 annual renewal.

It is great for small to medium size business interested in going beyond standard encryption and beefing up their customer trust, it delivers 99% browser and server recognition.

Truehost has over 50 different SSL certificates for small businesses and large businesses the mentioned are just but a few of some of our reseller SSL certificates that we offer.

Visit us at and learn more of the SSL certificates description in details and find a perfect plan SSL certificate suitable for your business and order instantly. Get to us as we help you secure your transactions online and create confidence in your customers for trusted sites.

Truehost also offers free SSL certificates which are offered after purchase of web hosting package with us. Truehost offers the following free SSL certificate:

-Comodo 90 days free SSL certificate

-Let’s encrypt free SSL certificate

Visit us get your webhosting package with us as we offer you a free SSL certificate at also find out more on our free SSL certificates at get to know their benefits and their features don’t miss out on this.

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