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SSL Certificate Buy

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:32 pm

An SSL certificate is a digital data file that is installed on a web server that activates a padlock and the HTTPS protocol that encrypts information being communicated from the web browser to a browser. The SSL certificate makes it secure to communicate sensitive information and thus creates confidence in your visitors of your website that they can submit their sensitive information to your website without fear of leak of their data to hackers.

SSL certificate are issued by certificate authority (CA) who are responsible for certifying websites to be secure. They affirm that that website is safe and they activate a padlock and a HTTPS protocol at the URL of the website address.

The secured website use the HTTPS (secure hypertext transfer protocol) instead of HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) the HTTPS to show that the website is secure.

Benefits of securing your website with the SSL certificate

-Helps kick out hackers. Protected sites are free from eavesdropping, man-in-middle attack and sniffing attacks.

-It boosts ranking and brand value. Google is ranking the websites starting with HTTPS in the URL therefore for secured sights then you get a high ranking by google. Your brand value increases as your customers are able to trust your website and product if you have secured it with an SSL certificate. They will be confident to provide their sensitive information to your site because they trust they are secure.

-Creates secure payment and safe shopping. Online transactions happen when there is secure connection, no one would ever dare send credit card information to unsecure website using the HTTP protocol. Therefore for businesses to succeed on their online transactions then they must secure their websites.

-They build trust with extended authentication. As nowadays much sensitive information is passed on cloud the end receiver needs to verify whether the customer who transferred the information is really who they say they are. The SSL achieves this by issuing a server certificate alongside the SSL certificate.

-SSL certificate is the strongest encryption to secure information. Due to the end to end encryption provides by the SSL certificate to ensure that the information does not get to the wrong hands; it reaches the intended person.

You can get your SSL certificate from a certificate authority or from your hosting provider who have an agreement with a CA to issue reseller SSL certificates.

Truehost SSL certificates

Truehost is a hosting company that provides reseller SSL certificate to clients and offers free SSL certificates for web hosting and domain registration done with us.

Truehost provides free let’s encrypt and Comodo free SSL certificate. Order our hosting services here and get yourself a free SSL certificate.

You can also get a perfect SSL plan for your business here with the best pricing. Don’t be left out, get to us a secure your SSL certificate today to have a smooth running of your website online for improved performance and sales.

Truehost provides 99.999% uptime and 24/7 customer support for efficient and reliable services, get to us and make us your service provider as we serve you like on one else.

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