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The Best Provider To Purchase SSL Certificate in Kenya (Update)

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 07:49 am

Wish to purchase SSL certificate in Kenya?

An SSL Certificate is a safety tool for any website. The certificate secures data on the website from the intruders and also protects information shared by website visitors.

They can be categorized in forms below:

  1. Basic SSL for simple website
  2. Dynamic SSL for ecommerce websites
  3. Encrypting SSL with security seal
  4. Servers and multi domain SSL
  5. Code SSL Certificates


They provide security for a single domain and are best for simple websites. These include:

Comodo positive SSL Basic for your domain security 1000
Web inspector starter Has daily monitoring and online scans for your website 1085
Certum Basic ID certificate Secures electronic communication on emails and websites using a public key 1300
Web inspector plus Has daily monitoring and a web inspector seal 1718
Web inspector premium Checks for PCI compliance and has daily monitoring and scans 2321
Rapid SSL Best for simple websites 2500
Web inspector enterprise Has comodo web inspector seal and performs website  monitoring daily 4419



They secure domains and their subdomains and suitable for websites with transactions. And you can purchase ssl certificate in Kenya for your online shop.

Comodo essential SSL Secures transactions for light e-commerce sites 2600
Comodo instant SSL Suitable for light e-commerce websites 6432
Thawte SSL Web server For ecommerce websites with dynamic site seal 11859
Geotrust True business ID Secures transactions on websites for small and medium sized businesses. 14271
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard Has https symbol and is suitable for light ecommerce 15075
Comodo Hack guardian PCI Scan control centre Secures transactions on payment card industry 17466
Rapid SSL WILD CARD Secures one domain and its unlimited subdomains 21900
Positive SSL Multi domain wildcard Secures unlimited subdomains, e-commerce payment pages, mail servers ,intranet and extranets, web applications and it is mobile compatible 29949
Comodo Wildcard SSL Covers one domain and all its subdomains 31959
Thawte Wildcard SSL Secures all subdomains under same server hosting in medium and large sized companies. 54069



These have symbols for security assurance to website visitors. The symbols may include green bar, padlock icon, or the company seal on the address bar for the website.

Certum  commercial SSL Secures data on forms and has security seal 2200
Certum  profesion ID Verifies identities of website users company details and email addresses 2,400
Certum Enterprise ID For signing of sensitive documents for companies 4,900
Thawte SSL 123 Has a seal indicated on the website it is installed on 5226
Comodo instant SSL PRO Has a padlock symbol on address bar 8241
Certum  Trusted ssl Has a security seal and an encryption 10653
Certum   commercial ssl wildcard Has encryption for a domain and its subdomains 12261
Certum  Trusted SSL wildcard Has https and padlock icon. Suitable for one domain and its subdomains 21909
Comodo EV SSL Has green bar, daily scanning and post install health check. 24,924
Thawte SSL Web server EV Has green bar and security seal on website it is installed on 27,939
Comodo Hacker proof Trust mark with daily scans Secures your brand such as software with the trust mark symbol 120,600
Symantec secure site pro Has Norton security seal, daily malware and vulnerable scans and ECC encryption for complete security 134,469
Symantec secure site with EV Has seal in search technology, green bar and Norton secure seal 145,725
Symantec secure site pro with EV Has ECC encryption key for data security, green bar, a premium of Norton secure seal 206,829



These certificates have server licensing inclusive and they secure more than one domain.

Positive SSL Multi-domain Secures multiple domains for startup e-commerce and small businesses 3216
Geotrust Quick SSL premium Suitable for dynamic websites and server licensing 10452
Comodo Elite SSL Secures both www and non www, has vulnerability scan and comodo site seal 14070
Comodo essential SSL Wildcard Secures unlimited subdomains and has unlimited server licensing 15879
Comodo unified communication certificate Secures many different domains 18693
Domain validated UCC Secures Microsoft exchange 2010 server, office communication server 2007 and has a static seal 18693
Comodo multi domain SSL Secures a maximum of 100 domains 18693

Geotrust  Quick SSL Premium multi domain

Secures the domains, sub domains and emails 19095
Geotrust True business ID with EV Has green bar, suitable dynamic sites and server licensing 29949
Geotrust True business ID  with multi domain Secures up to 100 domains for dynamic websites and unlimited server licensing 38190
Comodo EV Multi domain SSL Manages multiple websites, can manage additional Secure Area Networks up to 100 domains, has green bar and encryption 47,235
Comodo unified communication wildcard secures multiple website domains and unlimited subdomains 50049
Comodo multi domain wildcard Multiple domains and unlimited sub domains with addition vulnerability scanning 50049
Comodo PCI scanning enterprise edition Secures networks and servers. Performs unlimited scans for IP Addresses and tests PCI Compliance 51054
Symantec secure site Has secure seal, performs scans and secures maximum of 25 domains 53265
Geotrust True business ID with EV multi domain Has green bar and secures storage area networks. 59898
Geotrust True business ID wildcard Secures multiple domains hosted in the same server 64119
Symantec secure site wildcard Provides the organization with validated certificates for all sub domains.

In addition it has a Norton seal and Symantec logo for security proof to website users.




This secures the code from re-hosting, impersonation, and modification by malicious third party.

Geotrust Website anti-malware scan Secure the website code and sends notification concerning infected pages 9045
Comodo code signing Prevents code from modification by third party 12864
Thawte code signing Secures codes on web applications and software 23919
Thawte individual code signing Secures individuals code from modification by other people 26733
Symantec code signing individual Secures code from impersonation and modification by third party 72159
Symantec code signing Secures organization codes from re-hosting and impersonation. 72159


To purchase SSL certificate in Kenya, use the link: SSL Certificate is a security measure approved by all bodies and recognized by all search engines. Also, if you need secure email hosting in Kenya, we got you.

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