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Why Do You Need The Premium SSL Certificate?

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:31 pm

premium SSL certificate: The security of any site is vital. Either a blog or an E-commerce Site visitors want to be assured of secured communication as they share their emails, contact details, or credit card details. A sure way of safeguarding this is by securing one’s site with an SSL certificate. However most times clients are torn between why they should opt for the Premium SSL instead of Free SSL

Premium SSL Certificates

Trustworthy Certified Authorities or 3rd party Resellers are normally the ones offering premium SSL certificates. A number of components are key putting into consideration in choosing premium SSL over the Free one.

  1. Warranty of the premium ssl certificate

Premium SSLs fully assure clients of a particular pay in case anything goes wrong. Different resellers and Certificate Authorities have varying percentages to pay as a warrant to their clients in case of any catastrophic failure.

  1. Trust Level of the ssl certificate.

Free SSL only cover DV (Domain Validation) whereas Premium SSLs go to  an extent to offer Organization Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV). These two components of premium SSL not only protect Websites but increase trust of visitors to the site by a great percentage. This is due to some Certificate Authorities providing a special bar seal or even the organization/business name appearing on the search bar.

  1. Validation Levels

Certificate Authorities usually go to an extent of Verifying the physical presence of a business or organization before according them an SSL Certificate. Most Authorities have to ascertain that the organization or business truly exists. Most people will therefor feel safe to transact in sites with such SSLs

  1. Support

Premium SSL guarantees 24/7 support through Chat, call or even text. Truehost offers free installation of an SSL certificate as one of the support features. Clients with premium SSL get unrestricted support ranging from installation to reminders  when the SSL is due renewal

  1. Duration of Validity

Premium SSL is issued for one, two, or even more years period. Saving the clients the headache of reissuing the SSL after 30 days or even 90 days as most Free SSL(s) would work. This ensures the site is fully secured at all times and days of the period paid for.


Premium SSL certificate is a great deal for any business or organization that needs to thrive online. Features incorporated in the SSL are key to customer trust and further a boost in Google rankings.

Truehost as an SSL reseller provides its clients with globally trusted Certificate Authorities such as Comodo, Tharte, Rapid SSL, and Geo Trust.

This comes in handy with the name of the organization appearing on a  search bar and warrant guaranteed in case of any catastrophic occurrence.

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