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A Simple Guide On LiteSpeed VPS Kenya [Cost and Providers]

Looking for LiteSpeed VPS in Kenya?

In this article, we will introduce you to the best VPS hosting has to offer.

Actually, Litespeed VPS is a product from New Jersey, powered by Litespeed technologies.

This is a leading tech company that focuses on high-performance and high scalable servers. They use advanced technology but at the same time ensure that it is easily accessible to all through the easy-to-use web administration platform. 

The Litespeed VPS is the improved version of the Apache server. in most cases, it can replace the existing Apache server without changing the operating system details, or any other program. However, Litespeed VPS has greater speed and better performance.

Litespeed was first released in 2003 and about 9.2% of all HTTPS/2 websites run on their servers. It is a great solution to having a fast-loading site which is a goal for everyone who owns a website. The importance of this cannot be outweighed. Talk about: 

  • High conversion rates – research has shown that decreasing the site load time results in a surged increase in session-based conversion. 
  • High ranking on search engines – for example, Google prioritizes fast sites because they want to deliver relevant information to their customers fast. 

Protip: A site that has good performance on mobile devices is particularly important for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Creating a great user experience – a fast site is convenient for your site visitors and it creates a good impression for your website.

Advantages of Using LiteSpeed VPS Kenya

  • It improves performance since its PHP performance is fast – Litespeed uses unique APIs to get more out of PHP. These include PHP Litespeed SAPI. As a result, it improves the PHP servers by up to 50% and up to 200 times more as compared to other servers. 
  • Litespeed-Apache compatibility – This makes it easy to install Litespeed on any site that was using Apache previously.
  • Improved SEO results hence higher profit – in the current times, speed is a major influence of client satisfaction. At the same time, search engines are drawn to fast-loading sites. This is how the fastest web server technology, Litespeed VPS serves the moment. 
  • It is easy to set up and maintain. Users with basic control panel knowledge can easily utilize the unmanaged Litespeed VPS.
  • Fast communication – it can handle massive requests and connections at a time while still delivering data efficiently. 
  • Improved security – Litespeed is well equipped with security features to deal with DDoS attacks without showing any signs of delay. It has inbuilt anti-DDoS options like connection throttling and bandwidth. In addition, it works with all the rules without the need for any extra setup. 
  • Reduces hardware and support costs – the increased performance from Litespeed means that you can also utilize your hardware better. The cost of getting a Litespeed license is far lower than the cost of hardware used along with slower servers.

Technical Requirements for Installing LiteSpeed

To get the best out of Litespeed, you need to ensure that you run it on a server that has the following elements:

  • Processor: PowerPC G4, Intel 80486, or more
  • Command Line Access: the installation, setup, and configuration, needs access to the command line as there is no GUI alternative.
  • Disk Space: 300 MB for runtime and 200 MB for installation. 
  • Operating System (OS): Debian, Linux (i386), macOS, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD, or Solaris; you can check with the manufacturer for minimum version numbers.
  • Memory: minimum 32 MB


How Can You Get LiteSpeed VPS Kenya?

Truehost provides just the resource you need to have a fast-loading site. They use the fastest cloud servers that are powered by openlitespeed and cyberpanel.  

LiteSpeed VPS enhances the developers’ work by providing speed and performance. It can handle more than three times the requests that an apache server can handle in a second. 

On top of being an award-winning cloud hosting provider, Truehost ensures that you have the best experience using their products and you get value for every penny you pay. Some of the benefits of using Litespeed VPS from Truehost includes:

  • Timely and excellent customer support from a team of dedicated experts who are always ready to listen and walk with you.
  • A global and reliable cloud that will enable you to deploy and run apps and critical projects from anywhere globally.
  • 99.99% uptime
  • A fully secured website

Features that you will encounter:

  • Automated tasks through the scheduled tasks on the Plesk
  • Hardened PHP, ASP, NET Scripts for websites, and apps that are available on Plesk.
  • Fast Read and Write SSD drives for super-fast websites and applications.
  • A one-click installer. It deploys more than 400 Content Management System Scripts in one click on the control panel and the client area. 
  • A Feature-Rich Cyber Panel that comes free of charge. This cyber panel supports hundreds of features that are used for web security, SEO, web analytics, DNS management, and Database Management for easy management. 
  • Resource and analytics for automated resource monitoring charts and graphs in the control panel. 


LiteSpeed VPS Kenya Pricing

Litespeed VPS is a great asset for any website. This way you find that many service providers will take advantage of that to upsell it.

However, you do not have to strain your budget to get this amazing product. Truehost Cloud has created some of the best deals for you. They use the best technology to deliver their services, at the same time ensuring that their prices are the most competitive in the market.

The icing on the cake is that you will get these two exclusive deals:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee that is risk-free for all your web projects. This gives you more than adequate time to familiarise yourself with the package.
  • A secure cloud platform that will keep your data private and safe.

Who would want to pass on such an incredible deal?

Even more, I am sure you would definitely check out their pricing packages to see which plan to purchase.

Their pricing plans are as shown below.

LiteSpeed VPS in Kenya

In Conclusion

Litespeed VPS is the ultimate solution to getting fast websites. Getting a high-performing website does not have to be an unreachable goal anymore. Truehost Cloud has solved this for good. Wait no more! Click here to purchase a Litespeed VPS package at the best prices you can get globally.

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