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List of 13 Cheap Domain Registrations Services in Kenya

Last updated on September 30th, 2020 at 11:15 am

List of 13 Cheap Domain Registrations Services in Kenya

Here is a list of the 13 cheap domain name registration services providers in Kenya

  1. Truehost Cloud Kenya
  2. Kenya Website Experts
  3. EAC directory
  4. Sasahost Limited
  5. Safaricom Limited
  6. DeepAfrica Co Ltd
  7. Webhost Kenya Ltd
  8. com Limited
  9. Afriregister Limited
  10. Lexsynergy Kenya Limited
  11. com Limited
  12. AccessKenya Group
  13. Domains Kenya Ltd

Truehost Cloud Kenya

Provides one of the most reliable cloud services including cloud hosting, cloud servers, affordable or (cheap) web hosting services. Cheap domain name registration and cheap SSL Certificates. Truehost Cloud Ltd has a presence in Kenya, Nigeria, the USA, and China. Check out the various Websites for Service offering – focus on the Kenyan Market – focus on the Nigeria Market – focus on Global market, Reseller, and Corporate clients – focus on SSL Certificates and web security. – focus on cloud storage, cloud back up and cheap data migration services

Here is a preview of the Truehost Cloud Cheap Domain Prices from Truehost Kenya Website

Domain Price Years Renewal Transfer Price KES570 1 KES1000 KES0
.com KES1000 1 KES1000 KES1000 KES1000 1 KES1000 KES0 KES1000 1 KES1000 KES0 KES1000 1 KES1000 KES0
.net KES1000 1 KES1000 KES1000
.org KES1000 1 KES1000 KES1000
.biz KES1000 1 KES1000 KES1000 KES1000 1 KES1000 KES0 KES1000 1 KES1000 KES0

Kenya Website Experts

A stable webhosting company with presence in Kenya and Rwanda. Has good prices for new domain registration. Registers domain at the best prices but renewal of domains is not as cheap as Truehost prices. Here is a preview of Kenya Web Experts Domain registration Prices. @ 1,000/= Yr.

.ke @ 5,999/= Yr.

.africa @ 2,400/= Yr. @ 1,000/= Yr. @ 1,000= Yr. @ 1,000/= Yr.

.com@ 1,000/= Yr.

EAC directory

One of the old domain registrar. Domain registration services is one of the cheapest in Kenya but; the cost of owning a domain is high especially when you look at domain renewal prices.

TLD Register Transfer Renew 999 FREE! 1,999 999 FREE! 1,999
.com 1,000 1,160 1,160
.africa 3,000 3,000 3,000
.ke 5,999 FREE! 6,999
.org 1,160 1,160 1,160

Sasahost Limited

One of the oldest domain registrars and a reliable web hosting and domain registration service; with fair prices as illustrated by their pricing table. See the Sasahost price table below.

TLD Register Transfer Renew 1,000 1,000 1,200 1,000 1,000 1,200
.com 1,000 1,000 1,000
.africa 3,000 3,000 3,000
.ke 7,000 7,000 7,000
.org 1,250 1,250 1,250

Safaricom Limited

Giant Telco Company in Kenya. Safaricom is popular for its Mpesa product. Safaricom also offers web hosting and cheap domain registration services in Kenya. Clients have complained about support issues in the past. Here is a preview of the Safaricom cheap domain name prices.

TLD Register Transfer Renew 1300 FREE! 1,300 1300 FREE! 1300
.com 999 999 999
.ke 7000 7000 7000
.org 999 999 999

DeepAfrica Co Ltd

A top domain registration service provider providing cheap domain registration service in Kenya. Deep Africa also operates the Hostpoa website. Check out their cheap domain registration services.


TLD Register Transfer Renew 570 FREE! 1,360 570 FREE! 1,360
.com 1100 1850 1850
.ke 7300 0 7300
.org 1583 1583 1583

Webhost Kenya Ltd

Well known Webhosting Company offering cheap domain registration in Kenya. Checkout their domain prices here.

DOMAIN PRICE YEARS RENEWAL PRICE TRANSFER PRICE 999 1 1580 1260 999 1 1580 1260 4000 1 4000 4000
.com 1260 1 1260 1260
.net 1260 1 1260 1260
.org 1260 1 1260 1260

Other cheap domain registration service who prices are not covered on this article includes:

  • Limited
  • Afriregister Limited
  • Lexsynergy Kenya Limited
  • Limited
  • AccessKenya Group
  • Domains Kenya Ltd


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