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Issuing EV SSL certificate to a Government Institution

Issuing EV SSL certificate to a Government Institution

The Green bar SSL Certificate, the most secure and Trusted SSL Certificate in the World.

The process of Issuing EV Certificate to a Government Organization as experienced by Truehost Cloud.

Steps as followed


Payment for the EV SSL certificates marks the first step of EV SSL acquisition. Upon successful payment verification documentation phase kicks in.

Organization Identification

The organization (Government Institution) is required to provide documents that prove its identity – equivalent to Certificate of Incorporation.

The Institution is also expected to write an official letter signed by its legal officer requesting for the EV SSL certificates.

Verification Process


Organization Verification

The Certification Authority through a network of trusted agents and government bodies verify the existence of the organization and the validity of the information submitted.

Legal Officer Verification

The credibility of the legal officer must be unquestionable. He/she must meet the following qualification

  • Must be a actively practicing lawyer
  • Must be registered by the legal practitioners body – LSK
  • Must have a registered office
  • Must be available to verbally verify the organization and the undersigned letter.


Organization Physical Location

The process entails verification of the institution’s physical office location. It also entails verbal confirmation of the organization and its whereabouts with a key organization administrator.

Organization location must much location listed on public available directories like Google Maps.

Issuance of EV SSL Certificate

After a successful verification process, an EV SSL certificate is issued to the Government Institution for installation on their websites.

It may take at least 1 week to an average of 1 month to get a Government institution issued with an EV SSL certificate.

Common Challenges

  1. Lack of Legal documents on its establishment – they have to be available
  2. Wrong formatted application letter.
  3. Lack of Legal Personnel
  4. Non-compliant Legal officer, who may be:
  • Not active practicing
  • Registered by the Practitioners body
  • Lacking registered offices
  1. Non responsive to the multiple calls and email verifications


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