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How To Market Your Business in Kenya Using A Website

Last updated on October 14th, 2020 at 07:36 am

Wondering How To Market Your Business? You can do that using a website hosting service.

The reason why people host their websites to be seen online is mostly for marketing purposes. Businesses host their websites to create brand awareness, show what your business can provide, and increase sales by reaching more customers.

Web hosting in Kenya is a tool that every business must have to ensure business continuity and success.

Web hosting marketing matters a lot when it comes to the one providing your hosting package, without good and reliable services then your traffic will be too low. But it is also important to not only attract high traffic, leads are more important than high traffic.

How To Market Your Business in Kenya

The leads that your website gets means that those are your potential customers, the leads are increased by providing the right content to your website, giving customers exactly what they want, and also creating direct leads to buy goods and services.

Grouping similar products and services help the user can what they need very fast; the keywords should be grouped to ensure user flow when searching for a service or product.

You could have the right content to attract many leads to your website but with no good hosting then your sales are not likely to increase.

Web hosting providers

Web hosting is offered by very many companies and it could be a challenge to find out which perfect company you should choose to host your website. Before hosting your website with any company you should do thorough research about the services they give and the rating they have.

There are key things you need to find out about the hosting company because you could be stuck with horrible hosting with high prices and poor service.

They include:

  • The uptime that the hosting company gives. Chose a company that offers at least 99% uptime of the website because you would not like it when your clients visit your site to find out blank pages and error messages.
  • Security should be considered very much with increased cybercrimes. Not only should your business data be protected but also the customers’ information. Chose a hosting company that provides high security at all angles to your website.
  • Get a hosting company with the advanced technology of storing data. There are companies with advanced SSD technology for storage of data; the SSD technology enhances easy access to data from the website. With SSD technology the rate of read and write is high therefore the operations done on the website are fast and reliable. 
  • The price of the hosting package should be cost-effective. Choose a hosting company with affordable hosting packages those you can afford and because the packages come with different resources and prices, you should consider the size of your website and make sure you get a perfect plan for a hosting package.

These are the keys things you should research before subscribing to a hosting package with any company. With all this considered you can go ahead and host your website and wait for optimum results of increased sales and brand awareness.

The Perfect Hosting Company for you

Truehost Cloud is one of the leading hosting companies with the most reliable services and best services with the best pricing.

Hosting package with as low as Ksh.1499 with 30 GB disk space, Ksh.3499 with 50 GB disk space, and Ksh.9499 with unlimited disk space. 

All these packages with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and databases; with free SSL certificate and 99.999% uptime.

Get this on get more features of these hosting packages and order your hosting today.

Besides the websites:

Truehost web hosting can never fail you the web servers are installed with SSD technology that allows easy and fast data access.

Our excellent support team makes sure you get all the support and help you need by connecting with them 24/7 to answer any question and any query you may need to be helped with.

Learn more about us and our premium services at And help you learn How To Market Your Business.

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