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Google Kenya Services

Google is the world’s number one search engine, billions of people in the whole world use google for search, Google is simply search.

Google have seven products which include:

-Google search engine

-Google maps


-Play store


-Google chrome

-Google drive

When you search with google search engine, google understands your intent, identity and the context. This means that the answers that google give you vary according to these factors, people with different intentions, identity and context are given answers based on these factors.

Those with more intentions are provided for with a larger list of the items they searched for and also accompanied by many more results that could go along with the searched item.

   Google understands all that you require


Google AdWords

The google adwords are comprised with the content with high quality score. This means the content which has included quality information that could help a user or that could answer the question of the google user very well and give clear and precise details. This is the content which is included in the google adwords; the most relevant content has the highest quality score.

The adwords are the first four results that appear when you search something on the google search engine. These could be the content that gives the user more details about how they could access and buy the item in a very simple process.

Increased Use of the Internet

The increased of the internet has been led by the decreased cost of the smartphone; everyone today can be able to purchase a smartphone because the cheapest smartphone from a local shop costs ksh.3,000. The smartphones have been made affordable thus many people are able to access the internet any time and everywhere.

Due to the accessibility of the internet largely, people have become more curious, more demanding and impatient. This is because people want to know more, they want to ask google lots of questions and get instant answers and direct one.

Users of smartphone are live online 150+ times a day, as research has showed this tells us that most people in the world depend on the internet.

This gives businesses a hint that the best place to find potential customers is through the internet, internet helps reach a big mass of population. People are always searching, google have become their answer for every question that users ask.

When for instance one needs a new phone or the latest hair products, you won’t find the person going to a cosmetics shop to search there or to a phone shop for the latest brand of phone, people just pick their smartphones and ask google. Google is the solution for businesses which need to reach out to many customers because people are always asking a hundred questions per day and you as a business should be there to provide the answers.

Research has showed that google search is the most used product; it has the highest ranking based on the searches pay day. Facebook is the second used and YouTube the third. This is a good analysis that businesses should use to know where to reach many people; the platform to use to advertise their product.

Business trends

As the content provider of your website you have to understand what people want so that you can give it to them, and you can be ranked at the top search.

The impressions you give of how you know and understand your users’ needs is the one that gives you more clicks and queries.

You have to know the micro-moments of a buyer; they need know the product is available, and know where it is availed, how they can reach it and how they could purchase the product. You as the content provider have to give these to these people, if not then people free away to some other site where they could find this.

These differentiate similar products from different industries, it is what makes the customers choose your product or chose the other industry’s product.

Businesses should also provide content on YouTube for advertising their products; YouTube is the third most accessed platform by many users.

The use of un-skippable ads is adopted to make sure that people view your advert whether they like it or not. Also the use of very small video of only 6secs which captures all the information about your product clear and straight to the point to make sure that the user has gotten the message.

Also using funny videos and attracting clips that make the user want to see more and of cos one that is driving the message to the user. 

Grouping all your products and putting similar products on the same group helps a lot, you assist users to get what they need in one place.

Putting everything together annoys the user as they have to go through everything you are providing to get what they want. This scares away users, therefore grouping similar products together with what the user is searching is important.

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