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Free Webhosting in Kenya Pros and Cons

Free Webhosting in Kenya Pros and Cons

“The best things in life are for free” as the saying goes. There exists plenty of web hosting providers offering free webhosting in Kenya. In this article we will take a look into the pros and cons of free webhosting in Kenya.

What is free webhosting?

The term: “free webhosting”, refers to space on a web server, stored somewhere in a server firm or data center located anywhere in the world, made available for users without a fee.

server storage offering web hosting

This ensures you can “self-host” your website, files or any supported application in a web server rather than a local storage drive. However, you are responsible for creating, installing and maintaining these files and applications.

What free webhosting offers is space and the tools to get these up and running and accessible via the web. Tools like easy site builders may or may not be included depending on limits place on your free account package.

The advancement in the IT world has enabled us to get our own website published, at absolutely no cost. As a result, free webhosting in Kenya is becoming quite an attractive option to publish websites. However, it has its own pros and cons which may not be easily discovered at a go.


Right Let’s dive in to the pros of free webhosting in Kenya. The obvious one is the cost i.e. you don’t pay anything to get your website set up and running. There exist no fees at all, which compares very favorably to shared hosting, which can start at a few costs per month but can cost a lot more depending on the features on the package.If you are operating on a tight budget, free web hosting is the best option to get your website online.

Let’s consider a possible scenario-You are starting up a small business and aren’t sure whether it will take off. You sign up with a web hosting provider and pay.After five months, the business isn’t making any money and in fact you are losing money on marketing and other costs. Reluctantly you decide to cut on loss and shut your business.

However, you entered a one-year contract with your web hosting provider and are required to pay a fee to cover the remainder of your contract for a website you no longer need.

So as you can see, experimenting with a free webhosting package to see whether your business model will likely succeed could be the better option. A free website can be up and running very quickly without spending a dime or time deciding on which payment package is best.


There a few disadvantages associated with free webhosting in Kenya plans for clients wishing to host their website for commercial purposes.

  •  No Main Domain (Unreadable Long Domains)

Free web hosting providers offer very long unprofessional domain names. you will be unable choose your own domain name or so at least you won’t be able to do so without paying the web hosting provider for the privilege.A good example, you may come across many personal blogs with the address in the format-

The problem with long domain names is that they are difficult for people to remember so it reduces the likelihood of someone to remember your exact address. But if you want your own domain name which is easier to memorize or shorter you must get the paid hosting services.

  •  Lack of 24/7 Customer Support

Another disadvantage is there is little or no customer support. This could prove to be critical if you get technically stuck on installation or need some guidance.

If your site goes down or lose some data you may find yourself paying expensive fees for an expert to sort you out. If you are new to web hosting and do not have much time to spare in settings things right, then go for paid hosting services that are affordable.

  •  Annoying Ads

And then of course there exist the ads. Free web hosting providers have full rights to display ads all over your website. This could be annoying for your customers and make your website look less professional.

  •  Limited Bandwidth and Transfer Speeds

Last but not least, free webhosting services have limited bandwidth and transfer speed. The bandwidth is seen as the number of visitors allowed on your website per month. If the limiting exceeds, the website is halted by servers, forcing you to buy the paid web hosting package for unlimited bandwidth and transfer rates.

Free and paid hosting have different purposes and, as a rule, are chosen for different tasks. Small blogs and personal pages with low attendance can be placed on a free hosting. Paid hosting is the right choice for a commercial project, as well as for any more or less serious projects that require a reliable and secure platform. On the whole as long as you know what you are getting and not getting you can take advantage of the free service.

In that quick overview, those are the main pros and cons of free web hosting, so you should now be able to make a final call on what is right for you.

Looking for cheap webhosting plans which are affordable and reliable, head over to our website offering Cheapest.CO.KE Domain Name Registration in Kenya with an option of free Webhosting in Kenya. We got some good shared and reseller hosting plans.

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