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Is There A Fast Web Hosting in Kenya? We Have The Answer

Last updated on September 29th, 2020 at 06:39 am

In this guide, you will learn more about fast web hosting in Kenya provider. Buckle up because you are about to be amazed.

Website owners looking for the best, easy and fast means to host their websites.

This means a fast way to deliver messages through emails to be able to send and receive messages easily, a fast way to acquire a domain to make their presence online easy and increase their brand to web users visiting their site, fast, reliable VPS and Dedicated servers to server them all time, and a fast and readily available support to respond to any arising issue on web hosting.

TrueHost Web Hosting in Kenya is secure and reliable to meet all your web hosting services like fast Domain name registration, reliable Email Hosting and Cloud Hosting, Dedicated and VPS servers, Cheap and affordable SSL Certificates to provide a trusted environment to your website visitors, and a fast Backup solution to protect your data from loss. The support team is up and working to ensure a relevant solution to all your web problems.

If you have a website, the main thing you should consider is thereliability and quality that the   hosting provider provides.  

Why TrueHost

Websites and applications at TrueHost have the same speed and access time irrespective of their access locations. The websites and application are served from the fastest server available 24/7/365.

TrueHost Cloud keeps weekly backup for your account and allows an easy free way to restore your files. For longer backup TrueHost provides a premium backup service at a small fee and allows you to restore easily.

If your current service provider, do not meet your desired needs for any service offered, TrueHost Cloud provides free website and email transfer services at a cheap and affordable price. By presenting your credentials to us, you will receive a fast transfer of all your services and enjoy a secure environment.

By getting an SSL, you sort your security needs. For starters, you do not have to worry, we have a free SSL Certificate to start you off which is equally secure as a paid SSL. There is constant monitoring TrueHost servers using malware tools to cater for the safe operation of your website.

Domain registration

TrueHost Cloud allows easy registration and management of at least 400 domain extensions and provide the best Domain name services.

Web Hosting is so easy for resellers.


Because they purchase hosting plans in bulk and sell them.

TrueHost Cloud provides fast Dedicated Email Hosting solutions accessible from any device which enables you to receive and send messages at any time any place with any device connected to the internet and ensures you do not miss any important message. 

Our company provides a Web Host Manager (WHM) that allows a fast and easy way to automate the creation of a Cpanel account for each of your domains and a Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCs)software that allows you as a reseller to automate billing and account creation.

TrueHost support is online, through emails or chats, or through phone calls. They will serve you very fast from any location and get your response in minutes.  Every web hosting package at TrueHost supports applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, AND Open Wiki.

Also, there are hundreds of templates to support the creation of excellent websites.

Visit for more information.

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