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Experience Free Domain Registration In Kenya 2020

Last updated on September 30th, 2020 at 07:35 am

Are you ready to experience free domain registration in Kenya? Yes, this is very possible whenever you purchase certain plans with Truehost.

Truehost Kenya performs domain registration and transfer for Kenyan, East Africa, and international domains. These includes:

  • The registration or transfer of Kenyan domains marked by dot ke such as (,, ,,,
  • Registration or transfer of East Africa domains such as,,
  • Registration or transfer of international domains such as .com,.net,.mobi, .co

There are packages that allow for free domain registration; such as SME Litebox and SME Valuebox that cater to all customized emails. These packages allow users to create their desired email accounts for corporate, professional, and personal use.

Truehost Kenya ensures your domain is underworld recognized registrar for validity and acceptability.

Free domain registration is usually attached to certain services as explained by different web hosting companies. For how long is it this domain free? True it remains free as long as you have the attached service that has an offer.

Have you ever wondered why domain registration is important? Domain registration is entitlement to use the name for your gain; a way to deny others the right to use your name for their gain.

The reason why you need it registered under your name is to; ensure you have that right reserved to use it for your communication, references, and advertisements.

A landowner has a title deed for ownership, while a domain owner has registrar information as a sign of ownership. I am advising you to register your domain name under yourself.

The domain registration at Truehost is cheap and there are offers available during certain seasons of the year. Meanwhile, you can also secure a certain domain names for future sales and make a good fortune from the domains.

Keep informed of these free domain registration offer by visiting  to understand more about the domains read: Everything You Need to Know on Domain

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