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Domain Registration Process: Name Registration and Hosting Kenya

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 09:10 am

Domain registration Kenya is carried out by any Domain registrar; accredited by the Kenya network information center (KeNIC) to register and transfer domains. Domain registrars are companies that provide domain registration process to help you have a unique name for your website.

TrueHost is accredited as the best Domain registrar in Kenya providing both registrations of new and transferred domains. The other domain registration providers in Kenya include Kenya website experts, Safaricom, SasaHost, Domain Kenya,

Who should register a domain in Kenya?

Any person with a website or needs a website needs a domain name. This is to make their website visible via the internet for online users. A domain is simply a website name that website users type in their browsers to reach you. Each website has a unique domain name.

Factors to consider when choosing a domain registration company in Kenya

Good Uptime

The company should provide 99.9% uptime to keep your server running to serve you and your clients actively.

Additional services

The domain registrar should have additional services in line with the domain registration. These services include hosting the website for you by providing different hosting services to suit your immediate needs. Also issuing an affordable SSL Certificate to secure your site, and managing your site by regular monitoring of the server. Not forgetting the hardware and additional software resources that you may need for use.

Domain pricing

Depending on your domain budget, you may need to know whether registering a domain will suit your immediate needs.  Also, the mode of payment accepted by the domain registrar of your choice is important. 

Domain expiring duration time

You need to understand all the domain renewal policies been offered by your domain registrar. You should seek to get answers to the underlying questions at the back of your mind. Once you register a domain, how long will it be of use before it can expire? What consequences do you get once your domain period is due? All this answered you will secure your domain and keep it active for use.


You want to save on the hustle that comes with cost and time; locating the exact place and offices to reach your domain registrar. In most case scenarios the easiest means to reach the domain registrar to register your domain; turns out to be the cheapest and most reliable.

Most domain registrars have created an online platform to easily register your domain. You just need to visit their websites, register or renew, pay, and confirm your registration online. With the enablement of any device connected to a good internet network; you will register your domain from your convenient location.

For any issue that may arise in the cause of registration is well catered for. This is by a supporting background through WhatsApp, Live chats, and Emails or answering a phone call.

Domain registration process

Once you have made a keen look at the factors and chosen your registrar. You need to know the registration process to start registering your domain.

Secondly, identify possible names to refer to your website.

Lastly, visit your registrars’ website like to open an account and sign in your credentials as required. After visiting the site you will be provided with a domain search dialog box with two options; register and transfer, just click on the service you need after typing in your desired name.

If your name is available, the registrar will proceed to send you an invoice via the email. There will be also the payment mode for you to pay for the registration fee just on the same site. You will be required to select another name from your choice of names if a name is not available. The registration for at TrueHost is Ksh.570 only.

Upon completing your payment, the domain will be registered immediately. You will also receive a confirmation to indicate successful domain registration.

For a domain transfer:

The ICANN requires you to use your current domain for 60 days before you can transfer it to another registrar. The transfer process is equally easy. You will need to liaise with your current registrar to send an EPP Code. This will grants transfer permission and present all your Cpanel credentials to the new registrar.

You can transfer a .ke domain for free at Truehost. You will have to pay ksh1200 for a .com transferred.

Once you request a domain transfer at TrueHost, the .ke is transferred immediately. As for domain, it takes at least 5 days to meet your transfer.

Once you have registered a domain you need to keep renewing it depending on the provider renewal terms.

TrueHost renewal of a domain is on yearly basis. Also, each domain should be renewed on time failure to which you will lose its ownership. Someone can be able to purchase your domain name if not renewed on time.

With a free SSL certificate issued from any domain registered with TrueHost; you can easily secure your site at no cost for site visitors. Register your domain in Kenya and enjoy the hosting services for your website.

We honor your dedication to register and transfer domains with TrueHost Cloud. For clarity visit us on or email us on [email protected] or contact us on  +25473491 91 16 or
WhatsApp +254789 638 380.

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