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Comodo CA SSL Solutions

Comodo CA SSL Solutions

Comodo CA, now Sentigo is the world’s largest SSL provider. They offer several varieties of SSL certificates including Domain Validated SSL, Organisation Validated SSL, Extended validated SSL, Multi-Domain SSL and Wildcard SSL. Their SSL products can be again classified as:

1. SSL/TLS Certificates

These are website SSL certificates that encrypt communication between the server and your website. It means that when someone accesses your website and enters information, the information will be securely transmitted to and from the server and your website – ensuring your visitors transactions on your website are secure. The various types of SSL/TLS certificates include:

DV SSL – provides industry standard encryption to your website without requiring your organization to be validated.

OV SSL – provides industry standard encryption to your website but needs your organization to be validated to acquire this SSL type.

EV SSL – provides the highest level of trust online. It displays the company name on the address bar. Provides industry standard encryption and requires organization to be validated.

It is the most

UCC SSL – this is an SSL certificate built specifically for Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Office Communication Server environments.

2. Code Signing Certificates

This allows developers to protect their code by digitally signing them so as to prove it’s not being edited by a third party. This allows end users to confirm that they are downloading genuine software and not some copy that has been compromised or edited. This increases security and consumer trust to developer’s products.

3. Email Signing Certificate

Comodo CA’s Secure Email Certificates offer an electronic signature PDF that allows you to encrypt and digitally sign email and document attachments keeping them secure and confidential

You can get these certificates at Truehost Cloud all at affordable pricing. We also offer free installation services.

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