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Cheapest Dedicated Server in Kenya

Last updated on June 17th, 2020 at 11:50 am

Cheapest Dedicated Server in Kenya

This article seeks to address two aspect of the topic.

  1. Cheapest dedicated Server as availed from a Kenya Data Center
  2. Cheapest dedicated Server offered by a Kenyan company from any data center in the world.

Here are the qualifying factors for a dedicated server as considered in this article.

The dedicated server must have a decent uptime, a minimum of 98.97% uptime guaranteed (SLA)

The Dedicated server must have a minimum computing power of 4 core processor, 32 GB RAM and 500 GB HDD or SSD

Dedicated Server must be available for use within 72 hours of leasing.

Dedicated Server must be hosted in a IDCA certified or equivalent Data center.

Author Nominates

Cloudpap DSK1

  • 6 Core/ 12 Threads (2x 2.66 GHz 6C Xeon X 5650 12 M Caches)
  • 72 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 100MBps Link
  • Unlimited Local Bandwidth / Transfer
  • 5 TB International Bandwidth/Transfer
  • Set up time 72 Hours
  • 99% uptime
  • Available at $650 per month.
  • Available in a IDCA Certified Tier iii data center in Nairobi.

$650 isnt cheap..?

It is not cheap, but this is cheapest decent, semi managed dedicated server you can get at the moment in Kenya data Center.

Kenya has high cost on internet connectivity with 10 MBps dedicated link retailing at $450 and above – isn’t that insane – it is.

Power cost in Kenya is equivalently expensive, with one of most expensive Kilowatt per Hour rates in the World, in additional to the real estate hype in Kenyan market.

The three factors translate to high connectivity prices, high power costs and high rack spaces and therefore high cost of running a dedicated server in Kenya.

Who reliable is the market and services – probably most reliable cloud computing services in Africa, in one of the most stable political and social economic environment in Africa?.

Cheapest dedicated Server

Cheapest dedicated server in Kenya as available from any data center in the World, by cloud services provider in kenya how about

Xeon D-1520 2.2/2.6 4c/8t -32G from Truehost Cloud

  • 4 Core /8 Threads Xeon d-1520 processor
  • 32 GB RAM DDR4
  • 1 GBps Link/250Mbps Dedicated Link
  • 1 IPv4 exp to 256 IPs
  • Raid Soft 2x2TBHDD
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free 500GB Backup
  • Control Panel/ Restful API/Root access to the server/ KVM/IP graphic console – Access
  • Europe and Canada – data centers
  • Available as from $129 per month.
  • Uptime 99.97%

Available from France, Germany, Canada and USA from top Data centers in the world

Set up time 2 hours

Price is one the fairest I know of – get it.

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