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Cheapest bulk SMS in Kenya: Step by Step Guide on How to Get Started

Last updated on March 28th, 2020 at 04:55 pm

Are you looking for the cheapest bulk SMS in Kenya?

You are in the right place. I will show you how to get bulk SMS in Kenya with under KES 1 per SMS and how to use that service to make money.

First things first:

What’s bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the process of sending multiple messages to multiple recipients’ phones/tablets through the internet with just one mouse click.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – You register with an SMS service provider

Step 2 – collect contacts from your target customers

Step 3 – start sending bulk SMS from a dashboard

It’s as easy as these 3 steps.

What do you require to start sending bulk SMS in Kenya?

To get started with sending bulk SMS, you need the following

  1. Sender ID– This is a registered identity attached to the sender of the message. This is what the recipient sees as the sender of the message. With our cloud-SMS service comes with temporary sender ID available only for the onetime users. But if you intend on using SMS marketing service for a longer period, it is advisable to register a dedicated sender ID
  2. Bulk SMS Software/Dashboard– Our cloud-based software (CLOUD-SMS) allows you to send bulk SMS with just a few clicks anywhere you are. It is secure and delivers your messages up to the last recipient.

Best bulk SMS service in Kenya

We have a bulk SMS gateway powered by award-winning cloud technology, Cloud-SMS.

To register for this SMS gateway, here is the step by step guide.

  1. Visit
  2. cheapest-bulk-sms-provider-in-kenya
  3. Click on create an account where you will provide your email address, phone number, and password
  4. You will receive a One Time Password (OTP). Use it as your PIN
  5. Fund your account
  6. Start sending messages

What you get with Truehost cloud-SMS platform

This is what you get when you sign up with our bulk SMS service:

  • Once you start sending messages, your data is stored securely so you can retrieve them later
  • Our platform allows you to schedule a message to be sent out at a time of your choosing. Use this feature to talk to your customers when they are not busy like between 8 PM and 10 PM
  • Generate and study your SMS marketing reports. Use this feature to scale your business by doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not
  • You will be able to send thousands of messages to any network with just one click
  • With our SMS API, you can integrate our platform with your systems so you can send SMS seamlessly
  • In case you’ll need additional functionalities, be sure to check out available SMS plugins right on the platform

Now that you know where and how to get started with cheap bulk SMS, let me show you how to grow your business using our cloud-SMS.

  1. If you own an eCommerce business, you can tempt your customers with coupon code through text messages. All you have to do is send them the code through the bulk SMS
  2. Don’t waste your customers’ time by sending unappealing messages. Use bulk SMS service to offer value. Example, hold contests, giveaways, offer deals that cannot be found anywhere else
  3. Make sure the message is conversational and personal. To do this, ensure that you apply customization as much as you can, this way, your messages don’t get ignored
  4. Stick to your guns! Be consistent when using SMS marketing. Deliver what you promised.
  5. Remember to create a sense of urgency in your messaging. Your customers are busy, meaning; they might read your message but not do what it says. To avoid this, encourage them to do it now. example, if you are sending a discount code, make sure to mention that the offer is only available for a week

Final words

Remember, SMS marketing is the most effective form of marketing. Do not miss out on this huge opportunity when almost everyone has a phone.

Sign up now for our award-winning Cloud-SMS service and enjoy Cheapest bulk SMS in Kenya.


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