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Where Do I Get Cheap VPS in Kenya? Best Provider

VPS is more popular today than it has ever been. Most people want to install VPS for various reasons and the question we have at hand is, how can one find cheap VPS in Kenya? 

More often than not VPS is expensive because of the functionality and flexibility it provides. This is just the convenience every website owner seeks. A sneak-peek of what VPS does to your site improves its performance as compared to having your site on shared hosting. It also gives you the capability to be in control of your own site. 

Before we dig deeper into cheap VPS, let us find out what VPS actually means.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is the in-between of shared hosting and dedicated hosting as it allows utilization of resources similar to dedicated hosting but on small scale at the same time being as cheap as shared hosting.

In addition, you will enjoy high degrees of control and customization for your site. You can change server settings and install software, add users, and turn the server on and off as needed. 

Do you still want to learn more about VPS hosting? Click here to get more information.

Marks of a highly effective VPS host

As much as we are looking at a cheap VPS package, you cannot afford to dismiss any of the following pointers. With these, you are assured of quality hosting. 

  • World-class support
  • Top-level security
  • High speed
  • Full customization
  • Unlimited traffic
  • A money-back guarantee
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime to keep your site online without any outages.
  • Ability to seamlessly switch between packages.

When window shopping for friendly price tags, the above pointers should all be checked and then proceed to the pricing. This way, you will not have the regrets of a cheap VPS that does not serve your needs accordingly. 


When to use VPS hosting?

There are three types of hosting. These include shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the most common for people who have small websites. Using a shared hosting plan means that you are sharing the server resources with other website owners. What’s more, is that shared hosting is the cheapest compared to VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting is the type of hosting where the website owners have control over their own independent servers. This kind of hosting works perfectly for huge websites that require huge storage and process sensitive client data. 

Finally, VPS hosting falls between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It is great for website owners who want an affordable form of hosting at the same time having control and security over your site. The bonus is that it is possible to get cheap VPS that will be friendly to your budget. 

Are you still deciding whether VPS is the package for you? The advantages and disadvantages below will shed more light on your decision-making. 


Advantages of Using VPS

    • It is cheaper than dedicated hosting. 
    • Many VPS plans can be customized according to your needs. This means that you can utilize the value for your money to the last penny since you do not have to pay for any features you do not need. 
    • You get adequate technical support.
    • One can choose a semi-managed VPS hosting whereby the web host will fully manage your services and handle some maintenance. 
    • Most VPS plans can be scaled easily. You can start off by paying only for the minimum requirements you need and then gradually add more resources to your hosting. 
  • One can have root access to the server and be able to use scripts. This is not possible when using shared hosting.

Disadvantages of Using VPS

  • Configuring the server requires advanced expertise. For you to control your server you will need some technical experience.
  • One does not have full control over their server environment. 
  • Sometimes resources are not allocated suitably which may occur when the web host sells part of your server space. This causes issues that affect every other site on that server. To avoid this issue, you can always make sure you know how many virtual accounts are hosted on the server at any given time. 

Does Cheap VPS in Kenya exist? 

Cheap VPS may sound like the opposite of reality to most people. Many web hosting providers over the years have taken advantage of the fact that VPS hosting is very lucrative and has become more popular over the years. 

Currently, numerous web hosts provide this product. You can easily get a cheap VPS package. The distinction will be in what is in the package. Be sure to do careful research before settling on one to ensure you get the VPS plan you deserve, at a good price.

Below we have discussed one of the highest-ranking VPS hosting providers. Read on to find out how you can buy the most affordable VPS plan from the leading hosting provider in the market.

Truehost Cloud

Truehost understands that to be a leader in the market you need to have the needs of your customers at heart. They are a leading cloud tech company in the market and at the same time, they have the best deals the market has seen so far. 

In addition, they are not only located in Nairobi, Kenya but they are also found in the following cities:

  • Johannesburg, South Africa
  • London, UK
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Gravelines, France

Just to get a glimpse of what they offer, here are a few features of Truehost servers:

  • Custom RAM storage; contributes to high processing power
  • Diverse virtualization environment, for example, VMware and Zen
  • SSD storage for improving speed
  • Managed and unmanaged services.

To add, Truehost Cloud takes care of all the VPS and VM virtualization needs for you. They include:

  • VMware VPS
  • Hyper-V VPS
  • Xenserver VPS

Cheap VPS in Kenya: Pricing

Their VPS plans are comprehensive for different types of needs. They include storage, Windows, and Linux. Let us look into more of their plans below.

The best part about Truehost plans is that you are guaranteed the following:

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • A secure cloud platform to keep your data safe and private.
  • You can use an operating system of your choice.
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime

In Conclusion

High quality barely goes hand in hand with affordable. Truehost Cloud has identified the need in this market and provided a smart solution any user would dream of, that is cheap VPS in Kenya.

With all the advantages highlighted, you need to grab this splendid opportunity to create the site of your dreams by clicking here.

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