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Cheap email hosting in Kenya

Cheap email hosting in Kenya

Cheap email hosting is one of the core services offered at Truehost Cloud. Having a professional email is becoming a necessity in today’s business world.

The free emails like gmail and yahoo are no longer accepted in some levels of communication e.g. applying for tenders. Registering a domain name and using it for email is the solution.

If you are looking for an email solution, Truehost Cloud offers reliable and cheap email hosting in Kenya.

At Truehost, we offer two types of cheap email hosting services:


  • Shared email hosting
  • Dedicated email hosting.


Shared email hosting

With our shared email hosting solution, you will get a package that offers unlimited emails account creation on a server that hosts other people’s emails too. The setup is that, several domains are hosted in a mail server which is managed by us, leaving you and your team to concentrate on the business.


The advantage is that, this arrangement comes at a very fair cost and allows you unlimited number of email accounts. Additionally, the fact that the mail servers are managed by us means they get needed attention in terms of installing and updating the necessary software needed for the best functionality of your email service.


The shortcoming of this arrangement is that, since all users share the same IP to route messages to recipients, the queue may be long during peak hours and this may cause  a delay of a few minutes in delivering emails.

Also, if a user abuses the service and sends out spam mail, he/she may temporarily disrepute the IP address causing it to be on blacklist. The result is that, emails may go to spam when sent from the server by other users. However, this is resolved installing mail monitoring systems that will quickly identify and disrupt any account abusing the shared mail server .


Dedicated email hosting

If your organization has got finer email hosting requirements, dedicated email hosting is the better solution for your company’s emailing needs. In this setup, each company gets a dedicated mail server with a unique IP.

The software used with our dedicated email hosting servers is called Smartermail, which is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange. The flexibility, reliability and feature rich email client used for dedicated email hosting allows the users to not only send email from anywhere but also make use of additional features. These features include real-time group chat and live video.


Dedicated email hosting comes with licenses for either upto 250 users, upto 1000 users and above 1000 users.


Dedicated or Shared, our cheap email hosting comes with the following minimum features:


  1. Secure access. All our cheap email hosting plans come with SSL/TLS for security of accessing the web client interface.


  1. Spam protection. Your users will stay protected with the latest anti spamware definitions in the market. We employ SpamAssasin on all servers and ensure the dedicated email hosting service is pre-configured with major blacklists such as


  1. Virus protection. Our advanced antivirus installed on the mail severs ensure attachments are scanned to rid them of malware.


  1. Email forwarding – with our cheap email hosting plans, you will be able to automatically forward emails to other email accounts with minimal configuration.


  1. 24/07 support. With all our managed email hosting plans, you will get 24/07 support from us in case you have any challenge. Our support team is available on phone, email, whatsapp and live chat platform on our website.


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