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cheap domains in Kenya

Cheap domains in Kenya

Affordability of services is one of our guiding principles at Truehost. We do not overprice our services. We offer cheap domains in kenya, free webhosting in kenya and free SSL – all components needed to have your site online. Here is some information about domain names sold at Truehost Cloud you may want to know:

1. Great domains, affordable pricing.
The most common domains out there are available at Truehost for very affordable amounts. We sell cheap domain names across board. All common domains go for sh1000 only. This is upto 50% less than some other registrars in Kenya.

2. Same registration and renewal prices.
At Truehost, we offer domains at affordable prices and retain the same pricing for renewal. We do not increase the renewal price of domains registered with us. Most registrars offer domains at small prices only for them to increase the prices sharply during renewal.

3. Find all your great domains at Truehost.
There are many domain extensions available. Visit our website and get any domain extension you dream of. Whether it’s the common domains such as .com, or new extensions you would like to use for a name hack like, you’ll find it with us.

4. Buy one domain, get free hosting + free SSL
Buy any domain from us, no matter how affordably you buy it, and get unlimited free hosting and free SSL certificate for your website. The cheap domains you buy from us come with these addons as well.

5. Our specially priced domains
It’s already clear that we offer cheap domains. We also go the extra mile and further reduce the registration price of our 3 special domains from the standard sh1000. Register a domains for sh570, a .info for sh400 and a .xyz for sh250. The domains still come with all DNS management capabilities like name server management, just like all other domains.

Now that you know these, don’t wait anymore to take your business online. Get cheap domains at Truehost and expand your market.


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