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Buying domain and hosting, in different companies and its advantages and disadvantages

Domain is a unique identity for internet object- can also be referred to as a host name. A domain is usually a name that is easy to remember. Every domain name resolves or points to an IP address.

An IP address is used to point a domain to a hosting server.

A hosting server refer to computer resources supplied by an internet hosting company through a lease agreement on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, these resources are used to support a website or an application in the internet.

Most internet hosting companies specialize in selling hosting resources and other related internet resources including:

  • Domain name
  • Servers
  • SSL certificates
  • IP address

Domain and Hosting resources prices are determined by market forces and therefore they vary from one internet hosting companies.

Some of the major Internet Hosting companies include:

  • com
  • com
  • com
  • Among others

Advantage of using the right Internet Hosting Company

  1. Uptime – good hosting companies have high uptime 99.995% and above
  2. Support – Good hosting companies have great support for her domain and hosting clients.
  3. Resources – Good hosting companies guarantee and avail the set resources.
  4. Domain tools- good hosting company also avail domain tools for domain management such as domain privacy, domain protections among others.

Disadvantages of hosting with a poor hosting company

  1. Low uptime and multiple downtimes, avoid buying domain or hosting from poor hosting companies.
  2. Poor host companies do not offer support or offer inadequate support, avoid buying domain or hosting from poor hosting companies.
  3. Oversharing of Resource – Poor Host companies overshare their resources thus denying adequate resources to the accounts and domain hosted, avoid buying domain or hosting from poor hosting companies.
  4. Lack of support tools – poor host companies lack essential tools for domain management like dns manager, domain privacy, domain protection among others, avoid buying domain or hosting from poor hosting companies.

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