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How To Get Bulk SMS In Kenya (Best Providers With Highest Delivery Rate)

Last updated on April 4th, 2023 at 08:56 am

Looking for Bulk SMS In Kenya?

Bulk SMS is an effective and strategic marketing technique for promoting your products and services. 

It is an easy way of sending a message to a huge number of people within a short period of time. So far, it has been proven that it is a trusted means by which you can earn the loyalty of your target audience.  

Undoubtedly, it is a smart way to remain at the edge of the market now that almost everyone owns a phone.

The most popular uses of bulk SMS messaging include:

  • Reminders
  • SMS newsletters
  • Sending notifications
  • Safety checks, this is in form of password confirmation
  • Mass advertising
  • News
  • Product information
  • Entertainment 

A point to note is that bulk SMS is not limited to the size of one’s business. An enterprise of any size can utilize this service to have a better connection with their clients. 

The advantages of using this service are immense and that is why we have delved deeper into providing some useful information you need to know about bulk SMS in Kenya. 

Messaging Routes Default to Kenya

The specific messaging routes to Kenya use indirect connections. On the other hand, direct connections are more reliable than indirect ones. 

Direct connections allow replies using the standard rated shortcodes. However, direct connections have restrictions since they can neither be used for marketing messages nor can the messages contain adult content. 

If your messages meet the above criteria, then one can easily use the more efficient direct connection to send their bulk SMS.

Considering a Bulk SMS Service Provider

When selecting a bulk SMS service provider, you need to put the following factors into consideration:

  • The location of your target audience. Some service providers only serve the locality while others can operate worldwide
  • Pricing. This is key in helping you maintain your budget
  • Reliability. The essence of bulk SMS is that they can deliver a specific message within a given time frame so as to still be relevant to time and occasion.
  • Functionality. State all your requirements and go for the service provider who meets them all and even more
  • Consider whether you would want to integrate your platform with other software

After looking into the factors above, let us now explore some of the service providers that you can consider. 

You will realize that all of them are based in Kenya but a number of them offer bulk SMS services to both the international and local audiences. 

This is a top bulk SMS company in Kenya that guarantees speed and affordable prices. They use a completely online messaging platform that allows you to send thousands of messages at once or a message at a time. 

The Celcom Africa software enables you to also group your messages, for example, grouping your employees or clients. this is a beneficial tool in your organization and also in saving time. 

In addition, their SMS integration gateway is reliable and is the best. 

  • Truehost 

Truehost is ranked highly as one of the best bulk SMS service providers in Kenya. Their SMS gateway is powered by award-winning cloud technology, which is Cloud SMS. 

Their registration is very easy and more outstanding features that you will get after signing up on the cloud-SMS platform include:

  • Enables scheduling of messages 
  • Safe storage of data so that you can retrieve it later. This is done after you start sending messages
  • Generating and studying your SMS reports
  • Sending thousands of messages in just one click
  • The SMS API feature enables you to integrate your platform with other systems that you can send your messages seamlessly
  • Availably of additional functionalities on the SMS plugins on your platform
  • AdvantaSMS 

They are one of the cheapest service providers in Kenya. Their packages include affordable bulk SMS packages and an efficient bulk SMS gateway which makes it easy for individuals or organizations to send bulk SMS. 

One way they do this is by enabling you to send the bulk SMS directly from your mobile phone, web, or even integrating it directly to their server using a free API.

  • Movetech

This is one of the leading bulk SMS companies in Kenya. They provide their customers with a free SMS API and the option of being a merchant. 

The web account enables clients to send bulk SMS and integrate their systems to the bulk SMS server using the free API.

The simple bulk SMS gateway and API makes the work of the customers easy and it also saves their money. 

This is done by connecting your website or other applications with the API therefore reaching your end users more efficiently.

  • Oramobile

Oramobile is one of the leading Bulk SMS services in Kenya. Their user interface is a highly interactive one and at the same time, they train their customers so that they can comfortably conduct the messaging. 

One can access the SMS system for free and upgrade to other affordable premium plans. Small businesses and start-ups highly benefit from them as they have simple API’s from which they can reach multiple countries.

  • Africa’s Talking

Africa’s Talking is popular for its strong APIs. These powerful APIs enable developers to actualize their ideas where USSD, Voice, SMS, airtime, and payments are concerned. 

We can safely say that these powerful resources give them a lead to other similar companies. 

What is more, is that they have the capacity to support corporates and they offer a large number of solutions for mobile engagements. 


  • Airtouch Connections

Being a leading bulk SMS service provider, they make it possible to send bulk SMS to a target group of people in the shortest time possible. To do this, all you need to do is follow these three steps:

  • Log in to your account on their site
  • Upload your customer’s list 
  • Compose and Send your message

After a short period of time, you will receive a notification when all the messages have been delivered to all your audience. 

As a user, it is not mandatory for you to install the software for you to send the bulk SMS. You can access a web-based administration tool that provides a simple platform for you to communicate easily with the end-users.

  • provides users with a platform that you can easily send any short and important messages locally in Kenya, or even worldwide. 

You can easily send transactional messages like SMS alerts or transactional passcodes or promotional messages from your sales desk or CRM system. Their charges for sending via direct connections are the same as that of the standard route.

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