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Small Businesses; Where Will They Be 1 Year From Now?

It’s everyone’s dream to start and own a business. Starting a business has become easy and flexible. Small businesses are now a common thread. People are making extra cash from just starting and running businesses.

 Everyone wants to have freedom, break free from workplace rules, politics, and all the internal chaos that can limit their growth. 

Small Businesses

Having an own business means freedom; you choose what time to open, how much to spend on, and when. Besides, you have full control over time. Well, if you got it in steps it becomes easy to run it.

Whether you planning on starting an ecommerce store or quarry; business one needs an understanding of the business world.

Understanding the small business world will help you manage profits and losses and plan for the future.

Why small businesses?

  • Easy to start- well, these businesses require little capital to start. Sometimes the little one has is enough.
  • Provide job opportunities- Providing jobs is easy and fast for those close to the business.
  • Foster local markets- as the business grows so does the economy. Many other opportunities come through and thus improves the market.
  • Contribution to the government- any business generates revenue, paying taxes, licenses and permits are contributions to the government.

Do small businesses need a license?

Yes, every business ought to be registered. It’s from registration that one gets the necessary permits to operate.

Registering a business ensures it is recognized by authorities. This ensures smooth transactions and security of assets.

One is liable for serious law offenses for operations without licenses. Besides, licenses have become easy to get online.

Registration helps in process of tax filling. Any business ought to pay taxes which help in the growth of the economy.

Is the small business worth it?

Yes, every business starts small. It’s from the small businesses that enterprises are born. However, they too require good planning.

Small businesses contribute a lot to the economy. From providing jobs to ensuring money flow and growing the economy.

Besides, these businesses are rewarding well. Despite the challenges, there is a good return. There is freedom, flexibility, and a lot of opportunities that come with small businesses.

What counts as a small business?

A small business is a privately owned corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship; this means a small group of employees and less revenue.

Where Will Small Business Be 1 Year From Now?

Statistically, small businesses are growing into large enterprises. This is because small businesses are contributing much to the economy.

They are birth to new trends and money flow. They have become easy to start and run. One just needs a good plan. It takes time to grow a business.

However, the rate at which small businesses are picking up; it’s enough to say they are the new strategies. Small businesses have pros and cons.

 First, let’s start with the pros:

  • Control

Since it is your business, one has control over what they choose to do. One also decides who to hire, fire, when, and why.

It is a new way of freedom. No one is able to hold you back when making decisions and implementing changes.

Being in control helps one focus and grow. Besides, it connects passion to achieve their set aims.

  • It provides roots

Well, people get to know you through interactions which creates a sense of belonging. This means you are in a position to help others.

Besides this business can become family-owned. It can grow your name and improve the community.

  • Opportunities

Owning the businesses ensures you get to select what best opportunities suit your business. Choose what makes your business grow.

One can venture into community projects easily. Also one can create an opportunity for people to contribute.

  • Equity

This means creating a brand; one that can run even when you are gone. This equity can be sold, kept, or kept for the next generation.

Of course, after selling the equity one can use the cash to venture into other businesses or make them an asset.

  • Financial Gain

Making money is everyone’s goal. The small business secures a job and thus cash is always available.

We all need financial freedom that is; making transactions without the worry about running low.

Besides owning a business removes financial restrictions associated with working for a person or an organization.


  • Lack of time

Well, one might spend more time in the business and forget to plan. A plan is crucial for it allows smooth business transactions.

Also, it creates strain for personal time. 

  • Hard decision making

When a friend or family comes seeking a job; you might need to turn them down. At times you might feel bad firing a good employee.

It is tough being the boss, having to choose between the best; there are hard decisions waiting for you to make them.

  • Financial risk

At times one uses personal funds to startup and at times these funds take time to bring returns. This means you putting personal or family needs at risk.

In terms of loans, one pledges assets like a house, car which is risky whenever they are unable to pay.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be hard. Also one doesn’t need to have a lot of money to begin.

One can use the little they have and from there build an enterprise. Businesses are important however small or large.

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Give your business a boost. Learn new trends and be able to reach many people.


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