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How To Get Reliable Dedicated Servers in KE, EU, US And Canada.

Last updated on October 26th, 2020 at 09:56 am

Looking for reliable dedicated servers in the EU and US, Canada?

A dedicated server refers to a computer server hosted in a data center for use by a single entity for one or multiple applications. The most common utilization of dedicated servers is a dedicated server leased by a cloud service provider or a web hosting entity that uses dedicated server to host several cloud applications and websites for several clients.

Another common utilization of dedicated server is a company leasing dedicated server to host her own applications on it to support the company operations. A company can utilize a dedicated server to serve as a utility server that will serve all the company server requirements – act as an application server, web server, email server, and a database server.

Bigger companies or companies with higher requirements may have dedicated servers serve as dedicated application servers or dedicated private email servers or dedicated web servers or dedicated database server.

Truehost Cloud provides a wide array of dedicated servers varying in computing and storage resources all located at various locations including Kenya, South Africa, Egypt, USA, Canada, France, India, Brazil.

The most important quality of servers at Truehost Cloud and Cloudpap is 100 percent uptime, redundant connectivity, a minimum of Tier III data centers in countries that are politically and socially economically stable.

Truehost Cloud and Cloudpap also provide self-healing and early failure detection technology to the servers to ensure support and monitoring teams are able to avert or control any damage to clientele data and cloud computing operation.

Security applications and procedures are one of the major innovations that Truehost Cloud and Cloudpap have invested in to ensure secure private email servers, secure database servers, secure application servers, secure web hosting servers, and secure utility servers.

Get your reliable dedicated servers now.

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