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How To Install WordPress Locally And On Cpanel Online

WordPress is installed first locally to test the themes provided and to ensure the wordpress to be hosted is presentable.

What you require in this process will be: computer,wamp/xampp,webbrowser,internet connection.

Local Installation

Connect to the internet and download WAMP from its official website at as an exe file.

To install it click on exe file you downloaded and by use of the wizard, install it step by step each time by clicking Next button

Select I accept the agreement to successfully install it.

Choose the directory you want to install it on your computer e.g disk C

Select the additional tasks you would like for the wamp such as shortcuts to access it

Click install button so that the files can be extracted to the directory you selected.

Choose the web browser you normally use as your default browser, thus wamp will always open with this browser.

For set up of PHP Mail server leave them as they appear and click next.

Click finish to complete set up.

Click launch wamp server to start it for use.

Go to your browser again and download the wordpress from the website

Open the directory you installed wamp and copy the downloaded wordpress  to this directory, then right click on the folder and select “extract here” to install wordpress under wamp server.

Make a copy of the folder and rename it.

Now to access the local server where you will create your database, type on your browser localhost/phpmyadmin

On top you shall see database, select the database option and create one for your wordpress by clicking create new database,add the name of your database then click create button

Then on a new tab,on your browser type localhost ,select the WordPress folder  under the classification your projects.

Create a wp-config.php file by clicking create a configuration file button

A page with welcome to WordPress message appears,click Let’s go button on it

A form appears that has spaces to fill the database detailswp

Fill in the database name as you had created on local server, username should remain as root,

database host as localhost and  click submit button

fill in the information needed such as  Site title, username, password, your email address and  privacy then click install WordPress button.

You will receive a success message to indicate successful WordPress installation locally.

To install it on Cpanel online for it to be accessed by public  through the domain name you acquired e.g

Go to your Cpanel by writing on the web browser “yourdomain name/CPanel “ e.g

To upload the files go to Files category and Click on the “File Manager’‘ icon

Select the directory as  public_html or www directory

Click   on   ‘Upload’ link  upload for fast upload of files

Use Filezilla FTP  upload method.

FTP upload using FTP Client

Open an FTP client software like FileZilla (if already installed, download for free and install if not) from your computing device

Login with credentials provided

Host: –e.g

Username: your Cpanel username

Password: your Cpanel username

Port: 21

The click Quick connect button

It  will   open   your   hosting   account–on the right side

Click on public_html or www folder to go to the public_html directory

On the left panel is the location of website on your computer yourwebsitefiles confirm on the left panel you can see your website files and folders

To select all your your website files, use the function by holding together the “Ctrl+A ‘’buttons on keyboard

Right click   on   them   and   choose   the   option   ‘upload’

Upload of files start, if it times out choose an option Resume to upload files in the queue incrementally

When you see a message of successful –disconnected from the server

Then go to cpanel again, under Database section click MYSQL wizard this will enable you create database name and users for the database.

  1. To Create a Database enter the database name and click Next Step.
  2. To Create Database Users enter the database user name and the password. Make sure to use a strong password, for best passwords generate using password generator.
  3. Click Create User to Add User to Database,
  4. To add privileges to users created, select the checkbox All Privileges and click Next Step.

Note down the database name, username and password for reference.

To upload the database online , Go back to cpanel home page and click the PHPMyadmin icon

It opens and on left hand side you shall see the database name of the database you created

Click on the database, and on top bar click Import option

Click browse and select the location of your database for the wordpress (database should be .sql or .zip) then click go to import the database.

On successful upload you shall receive a message stating you successfully uploaded the files.

Go back to cpanel home page ,under FILES section,and click the File manager icon

Open the files you uploaded and select the wp-config file

Edit the database connection or config files of your website to reflect the new database name, new database user, new database password. Maintain the server as ” localhost”

Then save the changes.

You successfully installed your wordpress.

To view it online, go to web browser and type your domain name e.g

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