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The GoDaddy Website Builder: What You Should Know

Have you heard of the GoDaddy Website Builder? These days technology has been able to be applied everywhere. In this post, we’ll answer can GoDaddy build my website?

Websites have become part of our daily activities. People use websites for different reasons. Some people search for entertainment or news and some form business-related matters. There are so many applications.

A business needs a website, after all, how else will you advertise your products or services? Websites also ensure you reach out to many fast.

GoDaddy is an established web hosting company. It also provides the following services:

  • Domain registration and transfer
  • Web hosting
  • Web security
  • Email hosting
  • Website builder
  • And more.

GoDaddy has many features but this post is about website building. GoDaddy has a free website builder that makes it easy for you to create any website.

GoDaddy’s website builder has many features:

1. It is free and easy

It doesn’t cost you any dime to create a website. The tool enables everyone to create a website, whether you are tech-savvy or not.

Making a website with GoDaddy’s Website Builder is very easy. The tool gives users tons of templates that they can choose from to build their site.

Some themes are available for specific types of sites like e-commerce, music pages, and much more.

2. Responsive design

Your site will look great on different devices such as tablets, mobile phones, etc. Many use mobiles to transact, with that, get more traffic to your business.

Everyone wants a responsive site. They shouldn’t click on a button and have to wait for ages before it responds.

GoDaddy’s website builder enables you to create responsive sites. Your clients will be happy transacting with you.

3. Free hosting and domain

GoDaddy is unique in that it comes along with:

  • Free web hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Even one year of free site promotion on Google ad words.  

How cool is this? You don’t have to pay any cent. Go live and start transacting safely over the internet.

4. Mobile view

It doesn’t matter the device users are using, your website will look great on mobile phones. More than 50% of the world’s population uses mobile phones.  

They use their mobiles to browse around the Internet too; they could just as well click on your products or services.

5. Search Engine friendly

Your website is visible to many people, and it would be easy for them to transact with you. No one wants a hard time transacting.

Add social media sharing buttons on your site. This is to make it easy for visitors to share things about you or your business.

6. Back up and restore

Save your website anytime you feel you want to. It is easy to restore from the cloud. Your data is guaranteed safety. 

7. Easy email marketing

The website builder is integrated with GoDaddy’s email marketing software. It’s easy to create and send emails when convenient for your website visitors.

8. Many templates

It could be overwhelming to build a site from scratch, especially if this is your first time. With GoDaddy’s Website Builder, users will have no problem creating their first website.

There are so many templates to choose from. This makes it easier than ever before to make a website for whatever purpose!

The pros GoDaddy website builder

1. Ease of use

Everyone can create any website fast. You don’t need any special skills to have a professional site. Besides, you can create in less than 10 minutes.

No more coding and design. Just use the drag and drop feature to make your website that is responsive.

2. It is cheap

GoDaddy’s website builder is free to use. Your only cost will be domain name registration and web hosting.

However, if you are tight on budget you can use their free services. This means using a subdomain and their free hosting.

3. Easy to track your business

Get to track your ranking, orders and so much more with the GoDaddy website builder. Also, keep your inventory and more in check.

Get also to know how customers get back to their abandoned carts. GoDaddy website builder helps you manage everything at ease.

4. Many payment options

One isn’t limited to choose one payment method. Choose what suits your business best, this adds flexibility.

Get to pay for different services with different methods.


  • Lack of control over the code- the site-building tool doesn’t give users a chance to edit any aspects of their sites’ codes.
  • Templates- they do not allow users to create websites from scratch. You get to use the provided templates.
  • Lack of good support: it is hard to get through to the customer service department of GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

How to use GoDaddy website builder

Do you want to create a free website that is responsive? GoDaddy free website builder website creation is easy and involves these steps:

1. Visit GoDaddy homepage

From the homepage, there are many features available. Under the websites and store category choose the Website builder option.

GoDaddy homepage

On the next page choose to start for free or you can opt to check templates first.

2. Create an account

This is where your information will be sent. Invoices and much more important information. There are three methods you can opt-in with.

  • Google- this means using your Gmail to create an account.
  • Facebook- use your Facebook profile to create your GoDaddy account.
  • Use email- this means filling in your data manually.
GoDaddy signup page

Once you have signed up proceed to pick a category. There are various categories available for use. You can however use your own category.

3. Pick the websit name

This is the name that people will see about your website. Pick a name that simply brands your business. Proceed to edit.

4. Editing

You already have a template. It’s time to change some things:

  • Make text appealing
  • Add photos
  • Connect your social
  • Themes
GoDaddy Website builder

Find the best theme that fits your brand.  Once done it’s time to edit your photos. GoDaddy has a lot of stock photos one can use.

One can also upload own photos to use and build their brand.

Edit text

Highlight the text you want to change. Make changes with their easy tools and make your text appealing with their fonts family.

GoDaddy Website builder

You also add a button or choose to remove the group. Once done it’s time to publish. You can choose to add buttons, social media accounts, links and so much more.

5. Publish

This means taking your website live. Before you publish there are three options you can use to get the website online.

  • On a domain I already own- means the domain that isn’t being used by any other website,
  • Get a new domain- means buying one from GoDaddy.
  • Free domain URL- this means using your website name and the extension GoDaddy offers.
GoDaddy Website builder

Once you have published click on preview.

GoDaddy Website builder

That’s how simple it is to use the GoDaddy website builder. You don’t have to pay anyone to do it for you. Just do it yourself that easily.

GoDaddy website builder alternatives:

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