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Fastest Web Hosting in Kenya (Top Providers You Can Trust)

Last updated on October 31st, 2022 at 01:34 pm

Looking for Fastest Web Hosting in Kenya?

In this simple guide, you will learn how to get reliable hosting in Kenya.

There are several companies which offer web hosting in KenyAca; the following are Kenya’s top ten greatest web hosting companies:

  • Truehost Kenya
  • Webhost Kenya Ltd.
  • Safaricom.
  • Sasa host.
  • Kenya website experts.
  • Mambo microsystems.

Truehost ranking number one as the greatest web hosting company in Kenya it is the fastest-growing cloud and web hosting in Kenya. Truehost cloud has the best prices for domains, web hosting, and SSL certificates and provides the best 24/7 support for clients in Kenya.

Web hosting packages

Being the best we also offer free web hosting for domains registered with us and also free SSL certificates follow with that. Truehost is simply the best choice for you; the following web hosting packages are provided at Truehost with the best pricing:

-Bronze hosting free with free SSL certificates, with one domain hosted, 1000MB bandwidth, 1GB disk space and 1 email account, subdomain, and database. Gives you 99.999% uptime

Suitable very small websites with annual renewals

-Silver hosting at Ksh.1499 comes with a free SSL certificate, 1 hosted domain, and unlimited bandwidth. Has 10GB disk space with unlimited subdomains, email accounts, and databases. Gives you a 99.999% uptime.

Relevant for small businesses with no much data requires annual renewals.

-Gold hosting at Ksh.3499 with a free SSL certificate, has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosted and has 30GB disk storage. Has unlimited subdomains, email accounts, and databases. Gives you 99.999% uptime.

Large businesses can opt for this as you can host all your domains and subdomains that your business has annual renewals required.

-Platinum hosting at Ksh.7499 with a free SSL certificate, has unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited disk space. The subdomains, email accounts, and databases are all unlimited. Offers you a 99.999% uptime.

This is simply the best deal ever, very suitable for large businesses with lots of data and many websites, which are used in all operations of the business premises

Reach us for web hosting in Kenya and order your hosting right away.

Popular CMS hosting supported on Truehost cloud are:

-WordPress webhosting

-Joomla webhosting

-Drupal webhosting

-Magento webhosting

What makes Truehost the fastest?

Truehost web hosting is very reliable as we have powerful servers in our data center that has 24/7 monitoring therefore no delays.

Our web servers are installed with SSD technology to allow for fast and easy retrieval and access of data, they are also installed with malware and firewalls to ensure maximum security of your data, no hackers and web crashers can be able to tear down your website.

Truehost web hosting packages are optimized for performance, reliability, and security, and user-friendliness.

You can always count on our support team as they are available in live chats, WhatsApp, and ticket system (email) and an online support portal.

Truehost gives you reliable web hosting for your mission-critical website, application based on any technology supported by major cloud companies.

Truehost cloud supports the following technologies for your web hosting services: static HTML, Bootstrap, CS3/CSS/PHP, SP.NET, Python/Django, JavaScript, NodeJS, Java, and all framework and content management systems derived from these technologies.

Get in touch with us and learn more about your services as we help you launch your business in minutes.

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