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How To Register Domain in Kenya

Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

Looking for information on Register Domain Kenya? You are in the right place.

A Domain name is an address that people use on the internet for websites or Emails. Getting a Domain name in Kenya involves registering the name you want with an organization called ICANN through a domain name registrar. If you want a Domain name with a extension, you will have to pay a registration fee to the register that Domain, at TrueHost registering a Domain cost 570 shillings only. This will give you a whole year allowance before you can start renewing for the domain name.

To register a Domain, you need to highlight all the possible names that can serve to suit your interest, have at least a Credit card or PayPal to pay for the domain, and obtain the names of the primary and secondary servers of the Web Host you are hosting with. It so easy, simply visit the registrars’ site, you will be given an option to enter the domain you want and enter your personal details like name, address, and phone contact, and also you will be provided a slot to pay for the Domain.

What can you do with a domain name?

You can use it to view websites by just typing in the Domain name in your browsers’ URL, it directly takes you to your site of search.

You can uniquely create an Email address since a Domain name is unique for each website, in most case scenario when you create an account using Gmail or Yahoo, you are at a high chance of having someone already registered with the same username. TrueHost Cloud allows you to set up unlimited mailboxes at every single domain.

You can protect your identity and ideas from competitors or other users who might be wanting to use occupy your position and steal your identity. 

You can invest using a Domain because once you purchase it, you can use it to be hosted by another web provider since it is mobile. You can also use it to open more sites.

After buying a domain what next!

  1. Secure matching social media names/URLs
  2. Create a corporation for you for your business. If you are a domain for a new business, you will need to introduce your business too.
  3. Provide a trademark for your business. This is legal registration for your business.
  4. Get Web Hosting in Kenya from the Domain name registrar and set your domain on it. At TrueHost once you register a domain with us you get a free SSL Certificate installation and a Free package of Bronze Hosting. We also provide other premium hosting packages at a cheap and affordable price which are secure and reliable.
  5. Create email addresses on your Hosting. A domain name allows you to have an email address not tied to a webmail service. You can set up forwarding accounts at your host to forward to your existing email address.
  6. Get a PO BOX to keep your business email address separate from your personal mail.
  7. Design and Develop your website, you can use WordPress which is free of charge from purchasing any package from TrueHost Cloud and you are also provided with a website builder to help in building up your own website without necessarily having to have technical coding skills. The website will help you send links, and post articles to aid in helping the web visitors get answers to their questions.
  8. SEO your website to have a powerful and promising rank with free targeted traffic. Make your website live.
  9. Start advertising your website with the help of SEO.

Buying a Domain starts the path towards establishing your presence online. It is the first thing you do as a company, individual, or organization as the name is tied to it. Enjoy secure, fast, and reliable Domain Registration at TrueHost Cloud KE.

Register Domain Kenya

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