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How To Buy A Domain in Kenya [Guide]

Last updated on January 19th, 2021 at 02:56 pm

Want to Buy a Domain in Kenya?

A domain is an address that uniquely identifies your website which is typed in the URL by site visitors to locate your site. It provides them a clue on what your business entails and plays a major role in SEO recognition.

Different domain registrars are accredited to provide a domain for your site. Designing a website does not limit you from purchasing a domain, you can buy a domain then have the website later.

Before you buy a Domain Name

Do your research on the most popular keywords and search terms from other similar sites.

Make a random review and research of the domain registrar before entrusting them on your domain name registration. Understand all the terms and policies they have for domain registration.

Ensure that the domain name you purchase is easy to remember. Avoid hyphens and numbers that can easily be misspelled or long domain names.

Check for trademark to avoid legal issues. Ensure that no one owns a trademark on the domain name you are considering to buy.

Do not buy a domain name that is similar to another site. Alternatively, buy all these variations so that when people type on the variations they are directed to your main site.

Buy a domain name with a common extension that is familiar to most people.

Check on the availability of the domain in social media sites. This will enable you to have a unique identity in all social media platforms with a single domain.

Steps used to buy a domain name in Kenya are:

  1. Check for a reliable domain registrar to go with. Getting a new domain or renewing an existing domain requires you to register your new domain or the old one with a domain registrar that is accredited to offer domains.
  2. With your proposed domain name, use the domain checker to determine its availability.
  3. If your preferred domain is unavailable, choose an alternative domain name to purchase.
  4. Decide your means of payment before you proceed to fill your domain registration form.
  5. Complete your domain name registration by filling in the fields with the correct details. These details will be stored in the official domain ownership, the WHOIS record.
  6. Verify the ownership of your new domain with the email address you used while registering. Select an individual if you are registering the domain name as an individual otherwise select an organization if it belongs to an organization.
  7. Your domain registrar will forward an invoice to the email you used in registration to guide you in completing your purchase.


How to buy a domain name in Kenya that has already been registered

It is not a guarantee that you will succeed in purchasing a domain that has already been registered. If you want to have a domain that has already been registered, you need to contact the legal owner of the domain.

The contact information is available in the Whois record directory. Once you have access to the contact information, send an email to the legal owner expressing your interest to purchase the domain. The domain owner may come to terms in transacting the domain or decline the request.  After you make payments, you will have the domain ownership transferred to you.

Why should you buy your domain at Truehost?

Domain names sold at TrueHost are available globally at cheap and affordable prices for both registration and renewal prices.

They are many domain extensions available at TrueHost. Visit our website to get any domain name you want for your website.

When you buy a domain at TrueHost, you can get free hosting for your site and a free SSL to provide security for your site.

TrueHost domains come with addons and domain name management system capabilities like the name server management system.

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