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What is a blog and Benefits of adding a blog to a site?

A blog can be derived from various numbers of definitions. In my opinion a blog constitutes as a slice of a website that includes components like topics and subjects of a specific nature, that may be deemed either fictional or factual.

A typical blog should also include a comment section to enable the readers of the blog to interact with the website owner. This kind of interaction is important to the website as it creates a sort of relationship between the site users and the web owner. Therefore, if a website for example deals in the sale of computer hardware apparatus, then using a blog to explain the latest trends, features and optimizations on the merchandise would be the best way to showcase such stuff.

The blog will also serve to create an avenue for complaints, compliments, suggestions and other such alerts that are voluntarily offered by users of the website. Think of it like a digital suggestion box, only that you bear the key to the box and the big advantage is you don’t necessarily have to carry the box with you everywhere.

A blog that contains loads of pictures has the ability to reach out to numerous online users and as a result market your products for free. Today, the world economic structure has changed. The traditional ways of money remittance has been revolutionized. You now find more adults in the upper age group of between 21 – 35 years of age have the spending capacity that was previously only privy to the older age group of between 45 -70 years of age. This means their spending power is high and they can therefore afford most products that were out of their reach in the older times.

The resultant change in this structure is that most business is now done online via e-commerce webistes and also big retail stores have developed an online platform for marketing their wares to the millions of online users who are itching to spend their hard earned money.


In conclusion, the benefits that a blog immerses on a website are immerse. Even the Google search engine is programmed to first check on the availability of a blog on a website as it organizes its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) servers to grasp information and rank the websites.

Blogs with usually high online visits and activities include,, among others.


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