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Top 13 Entrepreneur Websites in Kenya.

As an entrepreneur, whether you are a novice proprietor or a seasoned expert, possessing up-to-date knowledge about the market and prevailing of all the recent happenings in your surroundings can prove to be highly advantageous. Such awareness facilitates the ability to make informed choices. 

There is a plethora of resources and publications available on the internet, providing news and guidance on the dynamic realm of business, finance, and entrepreneurship. 

This article aims to present a compilation of the top websites available in Kenya, catering to the needs of entrepreneurs, and ensuring that they are constantly updated about the state of e-commerce

But first, let’s delve in-depth into the importance of getting business news

Why entrepreneur websites in Kenya are important

Insight into the latest news is essential. It guides planning future business strategies and aids in making informed decisions. This knowledge acts as a reliable tool for comprehending uncertain business landscapes and maneuvering through them successfully.

By staying up to date with industry happenings, one can avoid the risk of investing huge sums in a branch located near a thriving competitor. On the contrary, it enables the opportunity to invest wisely in businesses with promising prospects.

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners are aware of these benefits. Consequently, they are always in search of new information to support the establishment, operation, and growth of their ventures. For entrepreneurs, having access to high-quality and up-to-date information on the go is of utmost importance.

Blogs serve as an excellent platform to acquire relevant information on diverse topics, including business, startups, and entrepreneurship. This holds for anyone seeking valuable insights in these areas as well.

Top 13 Entrepreneur Websites in Kenya.

For those with a passion for business, these top entrepreneur websites in Kenya are a must-read for invaluable insights.

1). Soko directory

Hidalgo Investments Ltd. established the Soko Directory in 2008.  Hidalgo Investments is an investment company that specializes in finance, government tenders, business consulting, corporate image consulting, and legal research. It was founded in 2008 under Kenyan Laws, Cap 486.

Soko Directory provides business and money market news and commodities prices for numerous goods in markets across the country.

2). Kenya Wall Street

This is a premier integrated digital media content hub, offering extensive coverage of business and finance updates throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world.

Kenya Wall Street delivers top-notch reporting on the latest developments in the business world, both locally and globally.

 With a commitment to excellence, Kenya Wall Street is a pioneer in providing unparalleled coverage and insightful analysis of the financial landscape.

3). Bizna Kenya

Specializing in a range of topics related to business and finance, Bizna Kenya is a dynamic blog aimed at empowering Kenyans to enhance their economic well-being. 

With a diverse range of content, the blog offers a wide range of business tutorials and news to its readers. 

Daily, Bizna Kenya presents an array of information encompassing both business-related and general interest subjects, including news articles, stories, and profiles. Through these profiles, the blog not only informs but also motivates its audience, encouraging them to explore and engage with the various products and services available.

4). Bankele

The author of this blog is a Nairobi-based and this wordsmith is a stalwart in the banking industry, lending expertise on all aspects of finance, technology, and investments. 

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking opportunities in these realms or simply seeking to stay abreast of the latest news and developments, this is the blog that caters to your needs.

5). Business Daily Africa

Business Daily Africa is a business news website situated in Nairobi, Kenya. It is one of the most trusted news and media websites in Kenya, where you can find the most recent updates. 

With over 2 million visitors per month, this website has repeatedly shown to be the leading business and finance site in Kenya and East Africa. This site is owned by the Nation Media Group, which provides industry and financial news updates to its readers.

6). Kuza Biashara

As the name implies, this website’s primary goal is to help you grow your business by delivering expert insights. This website has been online for over ten years and has acquired the trust of both new and old users.

It provides small business education, training, and empowerment via articles, videos, and online courses. It focuses on providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to launch and build successful enterprises.

If you own an MSME, reading Kuza Biashara’s articles will set you on the proper track to success.

7). Startup Magazine

StartUp Magazine is East Africa’s leading business newspaper, featuring smart business content and resources to help you succeed.

It covers a wide range of issues, including business planning and funding, marketing methods, and success stories. It also provides practical guidance and expert interviews to inspire and educate entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.


This is a property of Boxraft Limited, a corporate entity headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

Delivers exclusive reports encompassing politics, athletics, technology, and current events.

As a trusted source of information, also provides comprehensive coverage of crucial business and financial developments, consistently proving invaluable to its readers.

9). Nixen startups

Around June 2020, the inception of this blog took place with a primary emphasis on enhancing business knowledge and financial competence. This is aimed towards individuals seeking insight into exceptional business concepts, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in honing their financial management abilities.

The platform is committed to furnishing high-caliber and dependable content to its audience, primarily in Kenya. Nonetheless, the blog extends its reach beyond national borders to encompass countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

10). Kecrunch 

This is a hub of information on diverse topics, ranging from business and finance to lifestyle and more.

The blog boasts a systematic structure and provides invaluable insights and guidance for entrepreneurs and finance enthusiasts alike. It offers sage advice on navigating the intricacies of the corporate world and efficiently managing financial tasks, such as withdrawal fees.

11). Money254

Visit  Money254 for all your financial information needs in Kenya. This blog was indexed by Google in October 2020 and has been providing valuable financial knowledge to its readers since then.

With a focus on personal loans, savings, and financial management strategies, this site is a valuable resource for many individuals.

Whether you’re a business owner seeking quick loan solutions or looking for expert tutorials on starting a new venture, Money254 has all the answers to your queries. So why wait? Head over to Money254 now and boost your financial knowledge!

12). Daily hub

As of April 2022, Daily Hub has been established as a blog dedicated to equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge to successfully establish businesses in Kenya, obtain both digital and traditional loans in the country, and receive expert guidance on venturing into the world of agribusiness.

When faced with obstacles in the process of starting a business, Daily Hub stands out as the ultimate resource for obtaining valuable information.

13). Nasonga.

Nasonga has established itself as a formidable force in the realm of information, amassing a staggering monthly readership of over 100,000 individuals. Originating from Kenya, the website was initially indexed by Google in the year 2021.

Catering to a vast array of topics, Nasonga provides valuable insights and knowledge, with a distinctive focus on the domains of business, finance, and education.

Yet, for those enamored with the world of automobiles, Nasonga serves as a treasure trove of invaluable information, certain to pique your interest.


As an entrepreneur, it is critical to stay up to date on industry trends and news. You can obtain the business news you need — news that will change the way you make difficult business decisions, putting you ahead of the competition and allowing you to avoid risky seas. 

These websites provide excellent insights, advice, and the most recent business trends, mostly for Kenyan entrepreneurs.

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