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Wondering Why Cloudpap Hosting? Here Are Reasons

Last updated on July 12th, 2023 at 07:46 am

Wondering Why Cloudpap Hosting? Continue reading to under more about it.

Why Cloudpap Hosting

Masterly of Concept

The 10,000-hour rule states that masterly of concept can be achieved on and after the 10,000th rule of practice. Cloudpap has a combined experience of over 54400 hours, calculating based on top technical and support personnel.

This kind of exposure plus the desire to be the best cloud company globally has led to world class innovation in performance, security, stability, and agility of the cloud.

Cloudpap is powered by the award-winning Openstack Technology which guarantees super agility and scalability. Cloudpap provides superior services just like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Rackspace, Digital Ocean, and OVH.

Fastest Cloud Servers Around

Cloudpap Servers are SSD Powered, running on Openstack Cloud software. Servers are located in world class data centers that provide the fastest connectivity. Multiple server locations allow clients applications and software to be served from the fastest available Cloudpap.

Get started on the fastest Cloudpap for emails, applications, and websites from Cloudpap.

BulletProof Cloud Server Security

Besides basic security configuration that protects enterprise data storage and transfer, Cloudpap has invested in bulletproof security technology.

Multiple security provisions are available to Cloudpap clients for utilization. IP Monitoring and banning, 24/07 server monitoring, Firewalls are not just enough in modern times. And if you have a dog you will be pleasantly surprised to find silent dog grooming clippers.

Redundant Network of Server Connectivity

Cloudpap Technology utilizes Cloudpap that are located in different locations globally. An application, website, system on Cloudpap Servers is served from ‘most ready’ Cloudpap. Datacenter locations include Phoenix, Arizona,
Kansas City, Missouri, (US), Montreal, (Canada), Gravelines, (France), Nairobi, (Kenya), 10th of Ramadan City, (Egypt), Johannesburg, (South Africa). Websites and Applications on Cloudpap have standard access time with minimal variation despite the location of access. Say NO to server latency time – adopt Cloudpap.

24/07 Support –no Holidays – no Time zones

Learning from Amazon, Cloudpap is a customer-centric cloud company that has implemented 24/07 365 support via phone channels, Business Emails in KE, and ticketing, online chats, in addition to the vast knowledgebase.
We are here for you.

Zero Data loss Cloud Servers

Cloudpap servers utilize Raid 10 + SSD Technology to guarantee quality and agile service in computing and data transfer. Local Raid 10 guarantees data security and integrity in computing and agile. Choose quality SSD servers from Cloudpap.

Easy and Fast Cloud Server Set up

Cloudpap avails preconfigured and custom configured cloud servers and Cloudpaps in as fast as 58 seconds. Allows clients to get started on servers and Cloudpaps within a minute. A few cloud solutions are usually pre-configured and therefore there is no setup time. Such solutions include; Cloud Hosting, SSL Certificates, and Domain Ordering.

Over time, Cloudpap has empowered Application developers and other clients to deploy their applications in minutes.

Innovation is ongoing to cut the configuration and set up time. Join the Cloudpap community where the greatest value for money is guaranteed.

World Class Innovations

Cloudpap Research & Development of budget allocation powers world-class innovations in Cloud Computing. Cloudpap plans to prominently contribute to Openstack Foundation in the next few months.
Check out Cloudpap’s upcoming API release for harnessing maximum computing power.

24/07/ 365 Monitoring

In addition to unmanned technology for monitoring and self-healing server technology, trained personnel man and monitor the cloud infrastructure on a 24/07/365 basis. Research has revealed 24/07 monitoring reduce risks of security breach considerably.

Cloudpap cloud hosting provides quality web hosting with unlimited resources.

Cloudpap also offers cheap and reliable cloud hosting for the website and Small and Medium business owners. Cloud hosting is a ready solution; application and website developers can just deploy without spending time on any kind of configuration. Cloud Hosting utilizes SSD technology to guarantee superior performance and data security.

Agile, Scalable, Affordable, and Secure Cloud Servers.

Cloudpap offers the best and most reliable Cloud Servers / Cloudpaps (cloudpap is an Openstack powered SSD cloud virtual machine). The technology running the cloud environment continues to undergo tremendous innovations in the quest for a faster, more agile, more scalable, and most importantly most secure cloud.
Cloudpap Inc operates and leases data centers across the world with a major presence in Phoenix and Kansas in the USA, Gravelines in France, Montreal in Canada, Singapore in South Asia, Nairobi in Kenya, and Bangalore in India.

Agile & Scalable Cloud

Here are some reasons to answer Why Cloudpap Hosting:

  • Cloud That Grow on Demand
  • Trusted Cloud Computing Partner
  • Focus on your Core
  • Timeless & Spaceless Cloud

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