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#13 Popular Online Marketing Apps In Kenya

Online marketing is incredibly important for businesses in Kenya to succeed in today’s digital age. With more people using the internet and smartphones, having a strong online presence can help businesses reach a wider audience and attract more customers.

In recent years, there has been a rise in online marketing apps designed to help businesses streamline their marketing efforts and reach their target audience more effectively. These apps offer various features and tools that make it easier for businesses to create, manage, and track their online marketing campaigns.

The purpose of this blog post is to explore some of the popular online marketing apps available to businesses in Kenya. By understanding the features and benefits of these apps, businesses can make informed decisions about which ones to use to enhance their online marketing strategies and grow their customer base.

Type 1: E-commerce Platforms

When it comes to online marketing in Kenya, there are several apps and platforms that entrepreneurs can explore to boost their businesses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key players:

1. Jumia

Jumia image

Known as Kenya’s leading e-commerce platform, Jumia offers a wide range of products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, and groceries. Entrepreneurs can leverage Jumia’s large customer base and user-friendly interface to showcase their products and reach a broader audience.

2. Kilimall

Kilimall image

Another major player in Kenya’s e-commerce scene, Kilimall provides a platform for sellers to showcase their products and connect with potential customers. With features like secure payment options and nationwide delivery services, Kilimall offers convenience and reliability to both sellers and buyers.

3. Jiji


For those looking for a classified ads platform to engage in online buying and selling, Jiji is a popular choice in Kenya. Entrepreneurs can list their products or services on Jiji’s platform for free and connect with interested buyers in their local area. With its user-friendly interface and wide reach, Jiji provides a convenient avenue for entrepreneurs to market their offerings and grow their businesses.

These e-commerce platforms offer valuable opportunities for entrepreneurs in Kenya to expand their online presence and reach more customers. Whether you’re selling electronics, fashion items, or other products, leveraging these platforms can help you tap into Kenya’s growing e-commerce market and take your business to new heights.

Type 2: Website Builders and Designers

When you’re thinking about getting your business online in Kenya, having a good website is really important. Let’s talk about some local companies that can help you with building and designing websites.

1. Kenya Website Designers

There are experts in Kenya who are really good at making websites. They know how to make your website look nice and work well, which is important for your business to succeed online.

2. Diligent Technologies

Another company you might want to check out is Diligent Technologies. They don’t just build websites; they also help with digital marketing. This means they can help your business get noticed by more people online.

Starting a business or improving your online presence? It’s a good idea to talk to local website designers like those in Kenya or companies like Diligent Technologies. They can help you make your online business better and reach more customers.

Think of your website as the face of your business online. Working with local experts can make the process easier and more successful for you.

Type 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics

When it comes to making sure your business gets noticed online, there are some helpful tools available. Let’s talk about two important ones: Google Analytics and Semrush.

1. Google Analytics

This is a free tool that helps you understand how well your website is doing. It tells you things like how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, and what they do when they’re there. It’s like having a report card for your website’s performance.

2. Semrush

Semrush is another tool that can help your business online. It helps you manage your online visibility, which means making sure people can find your website easily. It also gives you insights into what your competitors are doing, so you can stay ahead.

Both Google Analytics and Semrush are great tools for any business trying to succeed online in Kenya. They give you important information about your website and help you make smart decisions to improve it.

Using these tools is like having a compass for your online journey. They help you understand where you are and where you need to go to make your business better.

Type 4: Social Media Management

When it comes to managing your business’s presence on social media, there are some helpful apps you should know about.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a well-known app that helps you manage your social media accounts all in one place. With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts, track engagement, and even respond to messages from your customers.

2. Buffer

Another useful tool is Buffer. It’s easy to use and lets you schedule posts across different social media platforms. With Buffer, you can plan your content ahead of time and make sure your business stays active online.

Both Hootsuite and Buffer are great options for managing your business’s social media presence. They make it easier to stay organized and engage with your audience effectively.

By using these apps, you can save time and energy while still keeping your social media accounts fresh and engaging. Consider trying out Hootsuite or Buffer to see how they can help your business grow online.

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Type 5: Content Creation and Design

When it comes to marketing your business online in Kenya, creating attractive content is key. Let’s explore some user-friendly apps that can help you with content creation and design.

1. Canva

Canva is a tool that makes it easy to create eye-catching graphics and visuals for your online content. With Canva, you can design social media posts, flyers, posters, and more, even if you’re not a graphic design expert.

2. Trello

Trello is another useful app that helps you organize your content creation process. It’s a project management and collaboration tool that allows you to plan, schedule, and track your content ideas and tasks. You can also collaborate with team members and keep everyone on the same page.

Using apps like Canva and Trello can streamline your content creation and design efforts, making it easier to produce high-quality content that engages your audience. Whether you’re a small business owner or a budding entrepreneur, these tools can help you showcase your products and services effectively online.

Remember, engaging and visually appealing content can help your business stand out in the crowded online marketplace. With the right tools at your disposal, you can create content that captures the attention of your target audience and drives engagement and sales.

Type 6: Digital Marketing Agencies

When it comes to promoting your business online in Kenya, there are several digital marketing agencies that can help you reach your goals. Let’s take a look at some of the top agencies in the country:

1. Growthpad Digital Consulting

Growthpad Digital Consulting is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Kenya. They specialize in helping businesses grow their online presence through effective digital strategies.

2. Digilab Marketing Agency 

Another agency to consider is Digilab Marketing Agency. They offer full-service digital marketing and advertising solutions to help businesses connect with their target audience online.

3. Madavi Agency

Madavi Agency is known for its comprehensive services, including digital marketing, web development, and branding. They can help businesses establish a strong online identity and attract more customers.

4. Swivel Marketing

Swivel Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that focuses on digital solutions. They can help businesses create engaging online campaigns and increase their visibility on digital platforms.

These digital marketing agencies in Kenya offer a range of services to help businesses thrive in the online space. Whether you need help with social media marketing, search engine optimization, or website development, these agencies have the expertise to support your digital marketing efforts.

By partnering with a reputable digital marketing agency, you can elevate your online presence and stand out in the competitive digital landscape of Kenya. Consider reaching out to one of these agencies to explore how they can help you achieve your online marketing goals.

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Type 7: Marketing Automation and CRM

When it comes to managing your marketing efforts and keeping track of your customers, there are some helpful tools available. Let’s take a look at a couple of options specifically geared towards businesses in Kenya.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful tool that helps you with marketing, sales, and customer service all in one place. It can help you keep track of your customers, send out marketing emails, and even manage your sales pipeline. HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that many businesses find very useful.

2. PigiaMe

PigiaMe is a Kenyan startup that offers a marketing automation solution. This means it can help you automate tasks like sending out emails to your customers or scheduling social media posts. It’s designed to make your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

If you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts and better manage your customer relationships, tools like HubSpot and PigiaMe can be very helpful. They can save you time and help you stay organized as you grow your business.

Using these tools is like having a helping hand in your marketing efforts, making it easier for you to reach your customers and grow your business. Consider exploring these options to see how they can benefit your company in Kenya.

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In closing, let’s remember all the online marketing apps in Kenya and how helpful they are. Apps like Jumia and Jiji help us share our businesses with more people. There are also digital marketing agencies like Growthpad Digital Consulting that can help you reach your goals. For businesses here, it’s a good idea to try these apps and see how they can help us grow. 

Using online marketing apps in Kenya can tell more people about what we do and bring in new customers. Don’t forget to keep an eye on what’s happening in digital marketing. Things change quickly, so staying updated is important. Trying new ideas can make our businesses even better. To all the entrepreneurs in Kenya, let’s give these online marketing apps a try. 

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