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Get Dedicated Server Hosting in Kenya (Cheap Provider)

Last updated on October 27th, 2020 at 08:32 am

Today, we have a simple guide on Dedicated Server Hosting in Kenya.

Hosting is the process of storing your website files on a large computer called a server. The server can be owned by the web Host or can be owned by a single company or an individual depending on the type of traffic he/she is targeting, the economic value he/she desire to spend, short term and long-term goals for the business, management and resource utilization.

A dedicated server is a physical server leased by a web host company to serve a single website. The server space is used by a single website to make maximum utilization of the availed and additional resources.  

Dedicated server management

A dedicated server can be managed by the web host company or the client may opt to manage the server by themselves. A managed Dedicated Servers in KE is a server whose maintenance is catered for by the web host company.

This means the provision of a conducive environment to house the server, power and cooling regulations, monitoring the server to maintain high uptime, and managing all the hardware resources inbuilt in the server. The client is free to install additional software and programs to use to meet his user needs.

A server can be fully managed by a client. This means once a server has been leased, the client is responsible in managing the server right from finding a place to house the server and provide high power capability and conducive cooling conditions to fully managing the hardware resources.  This requires you to have technical skills to be able to handle any technical issues that may arise.

The web host company is not to blame in this case for any mishandling of the server and you will have to pay someone to solve your technical issue in case you fail to manage it yourself.

A dedicated server can be divided into multiple servers through resource allocation. The multiple servers are called virtual private servers and have root access to the host server. Virtual private servers are important for the maximum utilization of resources. You can be able to allocate and deallocate the resources you need to use for hosting your server.

A dedicated server is mostly used by businesses that have high website traffic to provide enough bandwidth for each of their web visitors and provide a 99.9% uptime to keep their site available for website visitors and for businesses that need flexibility in resource utilization.

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated hosting allows enhanced security for companies handling sensitive transactions because you are sure you are not sharing the server space with a malicious website.
  • In dedicated server hosting each dedicated server owns its own unique IP address so you are not sharing an IP address with multiple websites.
  • No overhead for purchasing and maintaining the equipment for companies that need a dedicated server but do not have the resources to manage the server themselves. A dedicated hosting provider reduces the cost by managing the resources for them.
  • A dedicated server operates at a high speed and you do not have to worry about other websites slowing your website operation with resource competition.

TrueHost cloud dedicated server management guarantees higher uptime, speed, security for the websites and applications running on the server. 

Every managed dedicated server at TrueHost has the following features

  1. Free WHM/Cpanel software installation
  2. Optimal configurations
  3. 24/7 server monitoring
  4. Security scripts installation
  5. Free firewall and IP table configurations.
  6. Apache web server, MYSQL, PHP, Python, PureFTP.
  7. Free Centos, 7 OS Installation with root access.

Visit for more information on our server pricing and features of Dedicated Server Hosting in Kenya.

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