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Tips For Reducing Spam Emails

If you use email, you have probably encountered a lot of spam. Many individuals don’t even realize it’s spam until it is too late because they frequently seem like harmless adverts or emails.  Spam emails are unsolicited emails sent in large numbers for commercial purposes.  Typically spam emails come from accounts that you’ve never subscribed …

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Choosing The Right SSL Certificate in Kenya

In today’s world, many established companies have an online presence. Building your brand and establishing the credibility you need to attract more customers is possible with an online presence. However, everyone connected to the internet is vulnerable to cybercriminals. On the internet, a new attack occurs every 39 seconds. Your most sensitive data is constantly …

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Best Practices For Keeping Your Email Server Healthy And Secure

For many businesses, email serves as the primary form of communication. It serves as a marketing tool and means of communication with customers enabling you to share private company information. As a result, it is one of the most vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals who are constantly looking for new ways to gain access to …

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SEO Tips And Tricks For Your WordPress Blog in Kenya

The goal of any website user is to appear top of google search results. A huge number of websites use WordPress as their content management system and they all compete for first place on search engine result pages.  With such fierce competition, it might be difficult to rank well, which is why you should work …

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How To Choose The Right WordPress Theme For Your Site

WordPress powers many websites throughout the world. The main reason it is so well-liked is that there are thousands of distinct themes available.  If you are just starting, you might be asking what the heck a WordPress theme is. Well, a WordPress theme is a collection of images that controls your website’s general aesthetic.  You …

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