Plesk Control Panel

Plesk Control Panel

Plesk is a commercial and complete platform for web hosting with the multi-functional control panel. It has a variety of graphic user interface options that facilitate the management of resources hosted by the end customer. Plesk gives more control to the server administrator in terms of setting up new websites, DNS entries as well as configuring solutions for shared hosting on a single server.

Importance of Plesk Control Panel

  • Complete Security of Website – Plesk has a web application firewall that covers the security of the server. Plesk partnered with Cloudflare prevents DDoS attacks and so they complicate hacking of a website.
  • Permits Authentication – LDAP and Active Directory authentication is supported in Plesk and this eases the management of log audits. It also has a feature called Fail2Ban that supports the banning of IP4addresses that brute-force to log in.
  • Compatibility – Plesk offers an operating system for Linux and windows and this means double support to the user.
  • Usability – The theme of Plesk provides familiarity in the usability of the high-resolution icons and the adaptable user interface. Plesk version supports major browsers and whats even more interesting is that, the operations of the server can be managed through mobile androids and windows.

The web-based interface enables you to perform a wide range of service setups and lets you provide the same to the end user through their web hosting packages. These operations include creating new websites, email accounts as well as DNS settings

Plesk also offers support of designing your theme as desired and also immensely supports a high number of languages(32).

If you want to adventure with a control panel with great features then think of Plesk

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